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I really like the unique look of your portfolio. It looks amazing. However, on the phone, the Twitter icon sits on top of the info bar at the bottom of the screen. Maybe reduce the size of icons and/or reduce the top and bottom margins between the icons? Keep up the good work


Thanks Justin, I would surely implement your suggestion to make it more optimized. Also Can you please share the Device resolution.


According to Apple it’s 2436 x 1125. Its an iPhoneX


Awesome work.
The comment I have for you is that when you click on a section there is a popup showing the results. bust since the background is 100% transparent people tend to click on the menus that are on the back. You should consider giving it a background and giving it opacity just for people to tell the difference and increase the user experience.


Hi Kabila, Thanks for the suggestion will surely implement it.



I would think about making it responsive.

As amazing as the design and everything, browser viewports can be any size. Developers I hire need to think through these things.


Nice work!!! Unique to be succinct.
If I could say something it would be, use cursor: pointer when hovering icons. Initially, I've needed to think if I could click on it.
Just a tip.
Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


It look really nice but I have few suggestion. When I come first time I try click images on right where you was working. Also my second attempt is to to click on names on left skills... etc but name just become green I was think it dont work. Then I click on icon and it work. Try make name also clickable also when select skills try give them some overlay to make them more visible also every time I need click twice on icon to it open section


Looks cool! Maybe change the cursor for the side buttons to pointer to improve the feel and let us know who the quote is by.


Sure. Got your point. Thanks.
For the Quote - Its my creation :D


Nice One kaustabh,And how did you get the domain name and hosting done?


I got it hosted on Vercel with Domain.


Inspiring me !! I’m a newbie. Awesome work.