I am changing my Dev.to status from "Lurker" to "Participant"

kawhyte profile image Kenny Whyte ・1 min read

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This is my first post here on Dev.to. I've been lurking for a few months but never contributed. Over time I've found this community to be a breath of fresh air. The Dev.to members are very helpful, knowledgeable and accepting.

So, for all my fellow lurkers out there, it is safe to participate here without fear of judgment and rejection. 😊


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I have been trying to think of ways to contribute here. However Web Dev is not my main bread and butter so I just sit back and soak info as much of it in as I can.


I look forward to seeing things from your perspective.


Yes, this is very exciting. As Mauro said ..." The first step is always the hardest"


Nothing to post yet, so I'll use this as an opportunity to make my first DEV comment


Hello and welcome! You're not alone -- I'm in a very similar boat myself 😊


Yep me too I only started posting a couple of weeks ago. Welcome to the community.


Looks like we are in the same boat, Chloe :)


👋 Welcome!

Looking forward to your contributions 😄


That is so kewl Kenny!

That headline just resonated with me and I had to stop by to thank you for it.


YAY! I concur this is a safe place. Welcome to the fun!


Congratulations! The first step is always the hardest :)