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The Various Levels of "Senior" | Satire

kaydacode profile image Kim Arnett  ・1 min read
  • I’ve been doing this for 20+ years senior
  • I’ve been here for 5, but my tech is only 10 senior
  • I’ve seen some shit senior
  • I watched a tutorial senior
  • I’ve done front end, back end, middle end, upside down end senior
  • erase it all and start again senior
  • 10x senior
  • -10x senior
  • I started on mainframe senior
  • I’m still on mainframe senior
  • I read a blog post about it senior
  • I can Google senior
  • Stack Overflow is my doc senior
  • What's a doc? senior
  • Your code can't be trusted because it didn't come from me senior
  • I've brought down production senior

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Kim Arnett 


Senior iOS Developer at Expedia. I enjoy watching my creations work wonders while making a positive impact on the population. Interested in technology, feminism, mental health, and Iron Man.


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"Dead rock senior" sounds similar

take your time, never meant it offensive :D

Oh I know. Might be one of those times my British sense of humour looked a bit too miserable 😅

It's not about that, I just don't wanna be responsible for paying any invoices for your widow 😁
Hey "Dead rock" is either about music or some cloth ;-)


5 years of experience on the framework created less than a year ago, senior


Senior because I'm almost 40 senior. Literal senior.


Oh no! Is almost 40 the new senior? Asking for a friend 😂☠️


I dunno, some of these kids are coming in and looking a bit better than me if you know what I mean. Time to get into management, that's what happens when the old devs are put out to pasture right? 😅

Architects! Unless you want to go into management, then there's that 😊
Or my favorite tactic, duct tape yourself to the wall. They can’t get rid of you then 😂

Ah yeah. I will "architect" some "solutions". Nice 💰


you what??? :D
I think that you are a senior, the moment farting starts to hurt


haha :D yeah sorry
Actually.. are real senior farts dust clouds from his/her porch


Senior developer developing senior things senior

  • I still don't know what I'm doing senior.
    • ...but I'm doing it better than you senior.
  • I can spell a lot of buzzwords senior.

professional senior google searcher


'I can re-write Linux kernel in Malborge' senior


I just saw a resume from someone who apparently went from Junior to Senior in a single year, I don't even know how these job titles work anymore :P


Life comes at you fast! Ps) was it mine 😂


I'm Senior Vice President of software-as-a-service


We're looking for a rockstar ninja-level senior developer, 10+ years of experience. You will work with senior code written by seniors.


i have been to a senior school senior


I’ve seen some shit senior



Whatever tech you used in your previous job is shit, here is the real thing senior