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Self-Education vs Remote Teacher vs On-Site Teacher

What can a teacher do that...

  • you can't talk to directly? (YouTube, FreeCodeCamp)
  • you can talk to online/remote? (Remote University, code camps)
  • is on-site with you for a few hours a week? (Regular university, apprenticeship)

I did all of these modes, but had the impression that teachers wouldn't focus on what they could do best when they talked to the students, but did many things that didn't require them to be there at all. Like wasting time with code examples, the students could very well do on their own so that not enough time was left to work on more important problems.

What do you think?

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William • Edited

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Yes, I thought about searching for some free online beginner courses, these are probably better than anything I could create in that short amount of time.

Then I would let them work on their own at home.

In the wake of the Corona-crisis, the whole course will be remote, so I thought about using Discord and Codesandbox for collaboration. That way I can help people who are stuck. Guess that is the best a teacher can do anyway.

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Clark • Edited

nice 1