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Introduction to Github Actions - Part 2

Introduction to Github Actions

  1. Introduction to Github Actions - Part 1
  2. Introduction to Github Actions - Part 2

Create an example workflow

  1. Create a .github/workflows directory in your repository on GitHub.
  2. In the .github/workflows directory, You can create a file named github-actions-kcddemo.yml.
  3. YAML contents is in the github-actions-kcddemo.yml file.
  4. To start a pull request, scroll to the bottom of the page and select create a new branch. Click Propose new file to create a pull request. demo
  5. The push event occurs when you commit the file to a branch.

Viewing your workflow Output

  • On, go to the main page of the repository.

  • Click Actions under your repository name.


  • In the left sidebar, you can click on the workflows you want to see.


  • Click on the name of the run you want to see.


  • You can click the Explore-GitHub-Actions job.


  • The log shows how the steps were processed. To view its details, expand any of the steps.


Thanks for reading my article till end. I hope you learned something special today. If you enjoyed this article then please share to your friends and if you have suggestions or thoughts to share with me then please write in the comment box.

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