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OverVue v2, a prototyping tool for the Vue-lover or Vue-curious

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Are you…

  • an established developer thinking about crafting another Vue-based app?
  • experienced in React or Angular and want to see what Vue is all about?
  • a new developer, ready to create your first Vue app, but don’t know where to start?

Cue… OverVue!

OverVue is a desktop application that aims to help developers quickly begin building their Vue web applications. It made an impressive appearance during its initial release, with its sleek UI and user-friendly navigation, and our team is thrilled to announce some major updates!

If you haven’t used OverVue, continue on for a high-level look at its capabilities. If you’re already familiar with OverVue, you’ll be excited to see we’ve added a number of neat new features that will make designing your application an even more seamless experience.

Core Features:

  • Prototype your application according to the design specs
    *NEW FEATURE* Create a different layout for each route
    Create a new mockup image for each route

  • Architect your application by creating routes, components, and HTML elements right over your design
    *NEW FEATURE* Now allows nested HTML elements and components
    Create Routes, Components, and HTML elements

  • Specify parent-child hierarchy, accompanied by real-time visual changes on the project tree
    Specify hierarchy and view live changes

  • As you create components and add HTML elements with the left-hand side buttons, live code snippets are generated
    Live code snippets

  • Save your current work in a JSON file and revisit prototyping in OverVue another day

  • ...Or export your project and get started on building out the rest of your application!

Additional new features:

  • Travel back and forward in time with the undo/redo feature. Use CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y or toggle buttons on the header to make these changes.
  • Now fully compatible with Windows!

For a more thorough tutorial and additional descriptions of the changes with version 2.0, check out the OverVue GitHub repository.

You can also download the Mac/Windows program and access the app playground on

This is an open source application and we welcome all testers and contributors. Let us know what you think down below or on our GitHub.

Many thanks to the team Dean Chung, Dean Ohashi, Drew Nguyen, Joseph Eisele, Alexander Havas, Keriann Lin, Allison Pratt, and Joju Olaode for making this tool the most vuetiful thus far!

Top comments (3)

kennyrafael profile image

Can I integrate this with Quasar?

keliphan profile image

Hey Kenny - so sorry for the delayed response! If you're interested in contributing - OverVue is actually built with Quasar! However, if you'd like to create your own Vue app with Quasar using this tool, you can develop your baseline Vue app using OverVue, export your project, and then customize as desired.

kennyrafael profile image

Don't worry Keriann, thanks for replying!