How to learn Javascript as a beginner

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Hey people!

There are tons of different resources for learning Javascript and picking the right ones is hard.

That's why I'm gonna share a small list of the resources me and some of my colleagues found useful for beginners:




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i would recommend the wesbos 30days JS challenge

and definitely this guy


Definitely agree with both recommendations. I've learned a lot from both guys.


Nice list Keth!
I would like to vouch for a fantastic course - The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp by Andrew Mead. Great course 😍😍
I liked your list.


Ty Anik! I'll add it to the list :)!


Thanks bro! They now have one more option to learn from 😊


Hey, there's another cool place to learn JavaScript - scrimba.com. Scrimba teaches code in an interactive way, and they also have courses for frameworks like React, Vue and Svelte.


well i say, go to edabit.com and practice JavaScript
it contains more than 10,000 questions each with increasing difficulty that explains a new concept.

because the more you practice the better you understand :)


I would recommend Wes Bos's Beginner Javascript course as well -> beginnerjavascript.com/


The "You Don't Know JS" series of books by Kyle Simpson are required reading for JS devs of any experience level.


Was planning to join Web Developer Bootcamp course by Colt Steele but , then found javascript.info site, where i learned most of the stuff


Have learned JavaScript from javascript.info and completed wes bos #JavaScript30 which is worth your time.