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Kelvin Graddick
Kelvin Graddick

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Using Atomic Habits to become a better software developer ⚛️

I’m currently working on building better habits (and breaking bad habits) in order to become a better software developer.

I started reading (well, listening to) Atomic Habits by James Clear and so far it’s been insightful. ⚛️

The first two concepts that have already moved me to make changes were:

1. Removing the points of friction in my environment for good habits I want to build

— Ex. To keep from being stuck thinking of what to code or learn the next day, the day prior I write down what I want to code/learn while my mind is still active. That way I avoid analysis paralysis the next day and can quickly jump in. Remove friction.
— Ex. Some evenings I hop in bed and find it hard to get up and go to the office to code. So I started to keep my laptop bedside so that I can work there too if needed. Remove friction.

2. Rather than always try to make large improvements (and being discouraged when I fail), I focus on making small improvements daily, which add up over time, and provide daily satisfaction.

— Ex. For working on my projects, I implemented a “never miss twice” policy for updates, and I will update even if I only have 10-30 minutes for a small change. Making even a little improvement daily adds up. 1%+ improvement daily.
— Ex. I automated a reminder on my phone to make sure I learn at least one new programming concept/problem a day, whether it’s a coding challenge, new technology, or conceptual improvement. Even if it’s quick I make sure not to miss. 1%+ improvement daily.

It’s not easy though, and sometimes I mess up, so I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my processes/accountability…
⁉️ What ways are ya’ll using to build good habits and break bad ones?

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great. I also make a schedule for the whole week. I can't stick to all of it, but at least I cover a good chunk of it.