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I've Completed my personal website now what?


I started looking at web development off and on for about a year. I am currently pursuing a degree in the field of computer science and have a background working with C++.

In the beginning of teaching myself web development I was religiously checking out free code camps website, but I was not really focused on doing the front end projects. I remember I was more focused on the general algorithm section of it, somehow that just seemed easier. ‘Probably due to my work with a lower-level language’

Since then I have been in the rabbit whole of self teaching myself ‘web-development’. And with that I have been bouncing around different resources and topics never really focusing on one. There is so much out there!! 💀💀

With that I have found a great deal of resources to take advantage of.


There are so many resources here a full list if you want to check them out however I would say although it is good to use different resources sticking to the same topic is important!



Unfortunately I was jumping from free code camps algorithms, to code academies guided classes, to going on udacity to learn how to set up sites with pyhon.
‘I’ve never worked with python prior to this?!’
And I didn’t have intent to pursue anything that took advantage of python afterward.


I was stuck and my work was showing it. I decided to focus on front end for a while and I noticed how frustrating css is. However around this time css grid was gaining popularity and I decided to follow it. I ended up setting up my very first portfolio webpage and I am incredibly exited to share.

The has inspiration from various sources I have taken advantage of throughout my journey.(They’ll be listed in the code)

Feel free to check it out!!!

The way I wanted to set it up was that it would update anytime I were to post any public repository to GitHub, as I see GitHub as a major way to show off what you can do. Also it being responsive was incredibly important to me so I was able to take advantage of css grid and flexbox for that aspect of the project. I'm incredibly exited to know that any future work I share as public on my github will be displayed on my website!🎉🎉 Let me know your thoughts!!!
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Thidasa Pankaja Paranavitharana

Hey, The URL that you've posted right above the screenshot gives me a 404 error.

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Hi I recently fixed the issue. Thank you for letting me know! Greatly appreciated

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Thidasa Pankaja Paranavitharana

Cool site. It looks nice. But as you are importing Github data through an API, your empty repositories are also shown. I think it's better if those are not shown in the Portfolio site

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Mitch Jackson

The website looks nice. What next? I'd recommend registering and I checked, they're available. would look nicer on that resume than @gmail

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Aswath KNM

Nice resume and cool site.

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Jack Guinane • Edited

Add some padding to those cards, it'll make a huge difference.

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Ben Halpern


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Synchronizing your Github and portfolio site is really clever. You can always work on more projects by contributing to open source or hacking your own gizmos.

Always be coding.