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Starting A Project Of Personal Interest

I have been very passionate about programming ever since my graduation. I have used Python for academic project. I have learnt a lot of machine learning algorithms. Later on I was pivoted to Front-end web development and completed Responsive Web-Design Certification course from FCC.

Where am I now

Problem, oppertunity

I'm at the initial stages of learning Angular and yet to create my first application. But, I don't want to sit back and relax. I want to start developing my idea into a real product. Been doing extensive research on it regularly and I just don't feel ready. It's mostly because of technical experience.

At work, there's a constraint on how much I can learn. The experienced person spends a very less time with us and always wants us to learn on our own. Although it is good in a way, this is affecting my learning pace. Solving a dependency bug takes me a day or two.

My plan

Master Plan
It is clear that I have to work my ass off to see these projects into products. To prevent myself from exhausting mentally, I have been doing my personal project in the early morning. From my understanding, it'll take at least take 12-15 days for me get comfortable with Angular. Meanwhile I'll continue my research. May be I'll find something that I have missing.

VS 2017 has been a nightmare for me. Getting the platform ready for the Angular development has been hectic job already(I would really love some suggestions on this).

Tell me this

Tell me!
Am I taking too much of workload that I can't handle?

Am I putting the effort in the right direction?

Am I learning right?

This is my first ever blog post. Any feedback or comments are welcome.

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Josh Sommer • Edited

Check out Visual Studio Code if you can Visual Studio 2017 is a fantastic tool but you are not going to use 99.9% of its features for an angular project. Where as VsCode is built for JavaScript projects, it’s where I do all of my angular development.

As for learning right, everyone learns a little different, I personally find working on things that interest me help a ton. It never hurts to try.

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Deni Junior

Create a project could be an excelent way to study some new technology, but this study can't slow down the release of your product, if it's release is the most important thing right now. Take it easy: create your project with a language that is comfortable to you and check out for possible improvements with Angular next.

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Thank you Deni. I'll sure think about it