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Updates of KiTTy (Kinx Tiny Typesetting)

Hello everyone!

This is an update of KiTTy. What is KiTTy?
Before going to the main topic, let me start with the introduction as usual.

The script language Kinx is published with the concept of Looks like JavaScript, Feels like Ruby, Stable like AC/DC(?).

Let's start about KiTTy first.
Yes, you are right, you don't know KiTTy.
It is because I named it recently and I said it to nobody.

That is Kinx Tiny Typesetting. What is Kinx?
Please visit to the above linked website, and you will see that.

I believe you will find KiTTy as an update from Kinx Tiny Typesetting.

This is still working in progress.
But I did work and I have got some good result.

Here is an original Markdown document.

When KiTTy has processed a typesetting for above Markdown document, you will get the PDF file below.

Please visit to the Release Page to see the link to the KiTTy's User Guide generated by KiTTy. The above PDF is also the KiTTy's User Guide in English, though.

If you feel it is good, please give me a star on GitHub 😄.

By the way, I found a strange point... I have to fix it!

By the way, the above pdf is generated by the latest commit of master.
Note that there are some updates from the released version on it.

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