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Covtact: Contact diary with Style [Digital Ocean Hackathon]

Project recap

During the DigitalOcean Hackathon 👨‍💻 I want to build an app which allows you to log with whom you had contact. This is so you can inform people if need be and stop further COVID-19 spreading.

As mentioned in the last post there is already a working Proof of Concept, hosted on DigitalOcean’s App platform, available: Covtact.

Creating an UI

I‘m not too satisified with the current design. Honestly, design is not my strongest skill. So for this I jumped in Figma to brainstorm some ideas.

I ended up with a two column layout, one side for adding new contacts and one for displaying them. I choose a greenish main color, which is said to represent nature, health and hope. That‘s what‘s needed, isn‘t it? 😃

Now on to coding this UI, so I can share it. Maybe I will redo it again in the future, but for now I want to move on with this project. 💅✨


There’s still work to be done, but the app is already useable. Try it out, log your contacts if you had any and help stop this pandemic. [Hint: It might become extra important during the holidays, please stay responsible in your actions]. 🙏

As always, tell me what you think about this project down in the comments, or let‘s connect on twitter!

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