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Fight the pandemic during DO-Hackathon

I had this little idea for some months already: Building a secure contact tracking / diary app to help prevent the COVID-19 spreading.

After reading the Digital Ocean Hackathon announcement earlier this this month, I decided to sat down and execute on this project.

The idea is, you log with whom you had close contact. In case you get infected (and I hope you wont), you can warn your contacts, without forgetting one. Then they in turn can isolate and stop spreading the disease further. πŸŽ‰

Since security and data protection is very important, especially for health related apps, I decided to save the logged contacts on the users' devices. And I'm planning to go one step further:

and tinkering around with Web Crypto I was eager to use that somewhere. πŸ”

That means, the logged contacts will be stored encrypted locally on users device, not sent in the cloud, or analyzed anywhere else. It also means, I won't need much of Digital Oceans app platform resources, only static hosting and DNS. Luckily, that's also part of their platform, so we're golden.

First draft screen of the project: Some inputs to log with whom you had contacts

Oh, and for the interested ones: There's already a working Proof of Concept available at Don't get scared by the WIP UI, set a Encryption password and log ahead! It's all working as of now.

And for the even more interested ones:

GitHub logo kriswep / covtacts

Stop the COVID-19 spread by tracking your contacts.

For feedback, comment down here and/or connect with me on twitter.

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