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Learning Blockchain development #day1 - As a frontend developer.

Hello Everyone, I am Kritik Sah and i am a frontend end developer.
I use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript to build a frontend website.
Now I am learning react.js & tailwind css for frontend development. NEXT.js for fullstack development and Mongodb as our database.

my time optmization

I'm will follow this time table which i created for myself.

Starting My blockchain Developer journey from today, I am very confused Where to start and how to progress. I did my research on this but i got myself more confused. That's why i am jumping right Into the dev space for help , support and collaboration i will be greatful.

What i did in last few weeks.

  1. Trying to find out what blockchain is and how it works.

    Now i understood about Blockchain and how it works, Why we have to pay gas and How minners are helping the ecosystems, And about L2 solution to overcome high gas fees.
    Diffrence between Mainnet vs Testnet, Currency(BNB) VS TOKEN(CAKE)

  2. What are the requirements to Build a dAPP's, I still don't know much about this.

  3. We need a basic web development experience to build a simple website.

  4. We need a wallet lets say MetaMask.

  5. IDE as a beginner I think will be a good fit for me, Later we will use VS Code.

  6. Solidity(Programing Language)

  7. openzeppelin and other npm pakages (not sure about which to use).

  8. learn things one at a time and connect with people and learn together.
    if you want to connect with me, and build projects together, join my discord server. Thank you!.

We will try to build our first Dapp with next.js and tailwind CSS + Molarir or Infura in our next session

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grantralls profile image
Grant Ralls

I'm a full stack developer and recently explored how the tech behind blockchain works. I stayed very "close to the surface". I can't wait to see what you write, I look forward to learning new things as you write!

andrescass profile image
Andres Cassagnes

I am starting the same journey, but with more experience in backend. Glad to see more people walking with me in the criptopath

sepehrworklife profile image
Sepehr Alimohamadi

I'm w full stack developer and in my opinion blockchain and the tech behind of it is very enjoyable.
Also i liked picture of your schedule.
Keep it up

allirix profile image

I'm starting down the same journey. I want to make an NFT game using WebGL & React XR as the front end. Does anyone know of a good community for this?

aryandosaj profile image
Aryan Dosaj

Very interested in blockchain. Looking forward to this

amouratoglou profile image
Agustin Mouratoglou

Following Iā€™m also in the same game

ab9x profile image

Get after it!!