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How I started with a Technical Blog

Hello,Dev Friends.I could have named the title as how one can start writing a technical blog but the approach might be different for different people hence,I will be sharing few points based on my experience on a high level.Here, I am not talking about how to plan your each blog post.

The moment I saw people sharing their blog posts on Twitter,my first reaction was "I don't know if I can ever write one."
Writing poems,travel blog has been my passion since childhood but I never tried writing about some technical concepts and the projects I have built.

Here are some points which I would like to share:

1.Choose a platform first where you would like to write your blog posts.I chose Dev community.

2.Choose a domain and stick to it.For example, web development,mobile development,etc in whichever field you feel comfortable.

3.Never write with the intention of writing a blog post:Just for the sake of writing do not start with a blog post.Write with an intention of sharing information and helping others.

4.It is not mandatory to be an expert in a particular field before you start writing a blog.

5.Ideas will come only when you are consistent in coding and deeply involved in the field.When your mind thinks about it even in a default mode,ideas will flow naturally.You will never have to think separately about the topics.

6.Talk about your projects and the concepts which you found interesting or worthwhile to share with others while you are on your journey.

7.Talk about your journey,career switch,podcasts,talks,tutorials anything which you have done or doing in this field.

8.Avoid repetition and making your blog monotonous.But it is obvious that we are not experts and so we learn through mistakes.

9.Read blogs of others in the coding community and get an idea.

Keeping the post short I would just like to say that START.PLEASE START.Do not think twice.

Happy Coding :)
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Code Craft-Fun with Javascript

To the point. Great Share!

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Really thanks for the killer POINTS !