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Marketing Your Mobile App, The Retention Stage

Most people will put considerable thought into acquisition marketing, but once you’ve acquired users, if no one is using the app, the product isn’t yielding business. Your next move should be to develop a plan of action for retention marketing to convert your new customers into lifelong users. Below is a list of strategies that can be used to increase retention:

Establish Two-Way Communication
The more aligned your app experience is with a user’s needs and preferences, the more likely a user is to continue using the product. Brands using in-app messages to communicate with users will see user retention within 28 days of receiving a message range from 61 percent to 74 percent.
In-app messages are notifications that don’t require immediate action but are nonetheless, important notifications to receive. These can include warnings about app issues, payment failures, or version upgrades. Keep in mind that not every message you send will be relevant to every single user. Segmenting your audience gives you the ability to ensure the information they receive is valuable to them.

Push Notifications
Push notifications have been shown to increase user retention, with statistics showing anywhere from a 56% to a 180% improvement. Users who have opted into receiving push notifications exhibit 88% higher app engagement than those who haven’t. The higher retention rate, the better the ranking in the app store.
Giving users an incentive to use your app can also go a long way. Mobile-specific rewards, specialized content access, coupons, special promotions, and other offers will help drive conversions and encourage engagement.

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