What's your checklist and suggestions for starting a new tech project/blog?

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I am working on a blog post that details the do's, dont's and provides few tips for starting a new tech project/blog - to help boost confidence for those with imposter syndrome or feel they have it(like me 😉) and scrap the projects in the initial phase itself.

I thought it would be best for the readers to add in the community input which is a vast knowledge.

I will give you the credits by linking your profile. I respect your privacy, if you would like to stay anonymous, please mention so by adding anonymous: true at the end of your comment.

Thank you so much for helping me and the community.


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Don't try to design and develop an end system from scratch. Instead, focus on building and MVP with the bare minimum in terms of features and design. Prove the concept before you run with the idea fully.
It's better to have a system that does X and iterate on that rather than to try building a system that does X, Y and Z but then get demotivated before it gets remotely finished.


That's insightful.

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I'd advocate for planning for contribution early. What does that mean? Go ahead and create your project with proper documentation for how to develop in it as if it were open-source. Create the proper branch protections and status checks for pull requests. I've had personal projects were I neglected these things and it was difficult for even myself to come back and remember how to develop in my own project :)

Just my thoughts


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True that, with proper planning comes the great outcome.


For me, it's share things as soon as possible! Don't be afraid for others to see what you're doing, whether it be a project or blog. The sooner you get feedback, the more you feel like people are using it, and have value with it! Always makes me feel a lot better!


Thank you for your comment!☺️

Yes, community feedback is a great boost in confidence.