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Kumar Kalyan
Kumar Kalyan

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How I earned my postman student expert badge

In this article I will be sharing my whole journey about how I got it, benefits of earning this badge, what you can learn from it, etc... So, without wasting any time let's get started

About Postman

In today's world we are totally dependent on API's (Application Programming Interfaces), weather we want to book a cab or shop something online, every task happens via API's as it helps the client-side application (such as websites, mobile apps, etc.) to interact with the server and postman is a tool (one of the best) which is used to test an API. We can send request, write tests and even add scripts in postman to test the behavior of an API.

Student Expert Badge & How to earn it?

To be honest this badge is just a swag to showcase that you have completed and successfully passed the expert training.
To get this training, you need to need to enroll in the student expert program (Link) by submitting a google form.
After this you get a welcome email for the postman student community about the next steps to follow and the invitation to join the student community on discord. Now visit the training link then fork the project to your own workspace and start you training. As per my experience the resources are easy to understand and don't worry if you stuck at somewhere, simply ask the community and they are ready to help you. After you have completed the training, passed all the tests and submitted your collection link. Kudos ow you have become a postman student expert, welcome to expert's community, share your swag badge link with every one

Things to remember

After you have got your student expert badge, this doesn't mean that you have become an expert in using postman So to become a real expert you next to practice a lot using postman and the
best way to do so is to join the postman bootcamp.
Another most important thing is taht you must have a little bit of knowledge JavaScript, Json (JavaScript Object Notation) and API, just watch a few tutorials on YouTube for free and you will be ready.

My journey in the Postman Student Expert Program

I haven't faced any such difficulties in the training as the course was designed for beginner's also move over, I have enough knowledge about postman as I have used it earlier for testing APIs, but to be honest I got stuck at one test (as I have unchecked one query parameter) but the community is so friendly that it helped me to get out of it.


Kudos now you have got all the info and what steps to follow to be a part of this amazing community. Still if you have any questions, you can post a comment.


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