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Lars Wächter
Lars Wächter

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How do you start your working day?

For me it's almost everyday the same:

  • Starting the computer
  • Preparing my breakfast (oats most of the time) and talk to my colleagues
  • Checking emails and the JIRA tasks I'm currently working on for updates
  • Plugin in my headphones and start coding :)

How do you start your working day? Do yo have any rituals?

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Uday Vunnam
  • Swipe In
  • Gym and Breakfast in office.
  • Touch the Mac and check emails.
  • Read something from suggested articles, leftover tabs in Chrome
  • Code
  • Lunch and Walk
  • Code
  • Open more tabs in Chrome to read later. (They become unread bookmarks anyway)
  • Swipe Out
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  • Drink a glass of water
  • Go for a 1 hour walk
  • If going to office, get ready and go to office.
  • Have breakfast
  • Check emails
  • Start work and meetings
  • Lunch
  • Work and meetings
  • Go for a 1 hour walk
  • Write 500 words (something other than work. Maybe a blog post draft).
  • Dinner
  • Try to go to sleep
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Vicente G. Reyes

I start my day with a glass of water. Then I make coffee. While having coffee, I do my DEV mod work. Then I do my client hunt, side projects, meetings, post memes, watch funny facebook/youtube videos. lol

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Ross Henderson

Do you mean once I get into work?

  • Sort my stuff out. I.e. hang up jacket, plug phone in, etc.
  • Grab a coffee and fill my water bottle.
  • Eat my breakfast and drink coffee whilst getting up-to-date with, Twitter and Slack.
  • Once my coffee is done I'll collate everything from the day before in my head, write down a to-do (if I have a clear one), check emails/meetings and basically do some tidying before the scrum.
  • Waste my time doing the scrum
  • Start working
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Rose Day

I work remote at the moment but it usually is the same no matter where I am:

  • Put all my stuff away and plug in computer
  • Grab breakfast and / or something to drink
  • Open computer check Slack / Email / Messaging systems
  • Check the news or read a bit on a tech topic
  • Start work on what ever tasks are for the day
  • Meetings, all the meetings
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Žane Suhadolnik
  • Check Email
  • Make coffee / fill water cup
  • Check Reddit,, Twitter
  • Look at my tasks for the day
  • Start working...
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Antonio Radovcic

Prepare son for daycare
Bring son to daycare
Take bike to office
Clarifications, Email, Chat, Administrative Tasks
Development and Meetings

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Chris Weir • Edited

Once I've driven to work

  • turn my pc on
  • make coffee
  • look at logs from night before
  • setup dev environment (docker etc)
  • put my headphones on and start coding