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Now that I've been dealing with imposter syndrome for a bit, I would say that it's important to recognize when you need a break, and when you should push through the mental struggles. Often times I'll get down on myself about not doing enough too, and the most helpful way of getting rid of that feeling is to do something physical.

Wait, not do anything coding related?? Yep, doing something physical! Exercising has 100% helped me get out of the rut of feeling like I'm not doing enough. There's something about pushing myself physically that makes me feel a whole lot better, and it changes my perspective on myself, my work, etc.

Also, I find that setting a small challenge while exercising -- like do five more push ups, twenty more crunches, or (rock) climb a little differently than the last time -- allows me to feel more confident again.


Thanks Andy. This is really helpful I'll definitely try this out.

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