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Luis Paulo Dobreira
Luis Paulo Dobreira

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I Created A Website That Tracks The Best Giveaways in Gaming!

I'm having lots of fun collecting free games from Epic Games Store, Steam and other places. It's just crazy how my games collection has grown. What a time to be a gamer! So it just made sense to build a dedicated platform coded from the ground up that tracks all these cool giveaways at


But honestly, just between us, the truth is that I had this exact same idea 14 years ago... I even tried to launch this project several times before under different names:,, and others, but I was never able to fully realize my idea because gaming giveaways were actually very rare, plus my skills as a developer were very limited.

Only last year (2020) I was able to launch GamerPower the way I always imagined, and finally everything made sense, nowadays there is literately hundreds of gaming giveaways to track and explore and our users already saved thousands of dollars in games and in-game loot (Up to $4181 just in this year alone, and counting!). And for my surprise GamerPower surpassed 1 Million views just in the first Months of life.


Since launch until now I already added a TON of new features including a user feed and a free public Gaming Giveaways API that everyone can easily access without the need of keys or accounts.

To celebrate the latest update, GamerPower 2.0 recently launched on Product Hunt and reached the top 10 products of the day (6th position). So I'm very proud of this project. Anyway, I really hope you guys like it. Feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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MegaTKC • Edited

Wow, this is very amazing. I have a question though. How does it find the free giveaway games? Do you have a crawler or something that tracks free games? And what programming language is this created in? This project is very awesome. Keep up the great work! :)

EDIT: With your giveaway website. I bought like 4 or 5 games already.

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Luis Paulo Dobreira

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We use a mix of sources including multiple rss feeds, manual submissions, user submissions, and we also have a bot that lets us know when a website gets a new giveaway.

Unfortunately I can't reveal the entire tech stack of the website because of security reasons, but its easy to guess some details. :)