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Introduction to Node & Express

Get started on your full-stack developer career by learning Node & Express the most popular Javascript web framework in the world

Since its introduction in 2009, Node JS has exploded in popularity and is now the industry standard for JavaScript-based server systems. In conjunction with the popular web framework Express JS, Node has made it possible for full stack developers to create scalable, fast, sophisticated web apps using one primary language on both the front end and back end - JavaScript. In this intro series, we break down the basics of a Node/Express application.

The 10-part series covers:

Project Structure
Static Assets
Templating Engines
Dynamic Requests
Handling POST data
Rendering Dynamic Data
Styling and Images
What you’ll learn

Create a simple web app using Node JS, Express, Bootstrap and jQuery then deploy to a staging environment.

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Aleksandar Vasilevsk

Very good introduction, Node, and express are becoming more and more popular with raise of microservices, I have a similar post about node js and express js you can check it here: