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Lee Baker #PowerfulDevs Conf
Lee Baker #PowerfulDevs Conf

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Reusing Functionality – Azure Functions and the Power Platform

#PowerfulDevs Conference


The Powerful DEVs Conference is the first virtual conference of its kind. We will showcase how developers can leverage the Power Platform to build applications faster and with far less effort. Connect with industry-recognized ProDev influencers, Microsoft Cloud Advocates, trusted and diverse community leaders, and members of the Power Platform Team.


Revisit this page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 30 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.

About This Session:

July 15, 2020: 10:00 PDT – 10:25 PDT

How many of you know how to use Azure Durable functions to do great things? Lee is going to show us how to use Azure Durable functions to separate long running functionality and then integrate and use this from all types of Power Apps. Don’t miss it!

About the Speakers:

Lee Baker is a lead technologist focused on modernizing businesses with Azure and the Power Platform. Follow @leembaker on Twitter.

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Hey Lee! How did you get started? For someone new to the Power Platform, what would be your first recommended module or doc?

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Lee Baker #PowerfulDevs Conf

Hey Jenny,
For a traditional developer I would suggest looking into PCF controls, I think that is the most powerful addition to the platform. It is going to get loads of traction over the next few months

For a Citizen developer I would look straight into canvas apps, the quickest way to multiple app types.