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Fourth-week blog post for PSF, GSoC 2021

Once again, I'm writing this as part of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for Python Software Foundation (PSF). The third week has ended, and along with it I finished my first milestone... Or at least that's what I thought. Last post I told you I was ready to tackle my second milestone, however, I forgot some lectures need to be checked as well. So, I did start my second milestone, but I had to pause it. Let the questions begin.

What am I working on?

I worked on 2 different things. First, regarding my second milestone, I worked on two tickets. Before ellaborating on them, let me introduce you to what this milestone is about:
It consists of refactoring Facebook's API lesson. The expected outcome is to have created new exercises with other APIs, public ones so that no special requirements are asked for.

  • The 1st ticket was a piece of cake. I just had to debug a block of code that involved using Reddit API.
  • The 2nd one wasn't as easy. Here's why: I had to create 3 exercises from scratch involving TestDive API. Here's one of them:
import requests
import json

api_url = ""
proxy = ""
parametros = {"q": "Coco", "limit": 5, "info": 1}

solicitud = requests.get(proxy + api_url, params=parametros)
datos = json.loads(solicitud.text)

resultados = len(datos["Similar"]["Results"])
print(f"resultados: {resultados}")

peliculas_similares = []
for peli in datos["Similar"]["Results"]:

print(f"Pelis: {peliculas_similares} len: {len(peliculas_similares)}")

pixar = 0
for peli in datos["Similar"]["Results"]:
    for pal in peli["wTeaser"].split():
        if pal == "Pixar":
            pixar += 1

print(f"Pixar: {pixar}")
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I also added unittest for automatic grading to it. Apart from that, I made a web test with playwright for this same exercise. I learned about page.keyboard from Playwright.

Keyboard provides an api for managing a virtual keyboard. The high level api is keyboard.type(text, **kwargs), which takes raw characters and generates proper keydown, keypress/input, and keyup events on your page.

Before this, to press a key or type something I used:"text=def remplazar_primer_caracter(s):", "Tab")
    "text=def remplazar_primer_caracter(s):",
    "return s[0] + s[1:].replace(s[0], '*')",
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Notice the first argument, which is the "selector", an element to tell playwright where to apply an event. Now, I just have to place the cursor where I want to start typing and, with the keyboard class, tell it what to do. For example:"#ac_l45_5 >> text=parametros = {}")
# Clear all code"Control+A")"Backspace")
# Type something
page.keyboard.type("Hello world")
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The second thing I worked on was fixing 2 lectures.

What have I struggled with this week?

Once again, git gave me trouble. I don't know why, but git push and all its variants decided to not work anymore. Regarding python, my major problem was when I wanted to clear all code with playwright using the ctrl+A & backspace keys.

What solutions have I found?

For the git problem, I had to install GitHub Desktop to push my local commits to my remote repo. For playwright doubts, I checked its documentation and found the keyboard class.

This is all for now :)

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