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Just posted my website!!!!

I posted it on!!!!! I made it with Html, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. I am considering buying a domain name.

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Nice job! If you'd like, here are a couple suggestions...

  1. Avoid excess animations. 1 or 2 is sufficient on page load. The rest seems overdue.
  2. The "Lincoln Jones" words in the navbar only create a hash when clicked, does nothing else. That's not the best UX...
  3. The icons look nice, but seem useless and don't convey anything. Purely decorational ones shouldn't be so prevalent, in my opinion.
  4. Favicon
  5. The workout tracker image in the "Latest Projects" section isn't aligned with the others. I personally am quite bothered with the sight... That's all I have. Great job and keep going!
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Liviu Lupei

That's a great start!
Keep it up!