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Projects to become a Fronted Master

Chaitanya Prabuddha
Hey šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Chaitanya Prabuddha. I love tech and studying to code by myself. I want to make lives easier.
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Front-end web development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that data. A person who does this is called a front-end developer.

Being a frontend developer, you do one of the most important tasks for your company. To become a expert in it, it takes a lot of tasks and efforts.

Here are some projects that you can do to master frontend development-

1.Design and code your own portfolio website.

It is the only place, where you can show your skills, personality & your work. This needs to be different. If you don't know anything about designing a website, make sure to take help from Dribbble, they are amazing thousands of designers around the world are posting their design there you can take inspirations from there and put your 100% effort in coding the websites.

2.Make a beautiful open-source project

Take Hard designs from Dribbble as a project, and try your best to copy it by coding it. This could make your GitHub-profile a lot more strong as well as can make your skills better.

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3.Make a todo list app

Try to make an todo list for yourself. Open-Source it and make sure to add all the features that you want from an todo-list app and Walla, you have your own app which is different from others.

4.Make different projects with Angular AND VueJS

One of the best JavaScript libraries, try to make make and app with VueJS and Also try to make an app from Angular 8.

5.Make A Blog

Make a using HTML,CSS and JavaScript.


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