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Automating AppSec with Contrast Security

Everything we do is online. We bank online, access healthcare, pay our taxes, build our businesses - and along the way we put trust in companies to keep us protected.

Unfortunately, companies aren’t great at writing secure software. Contrast Security wants to change that.

Jeff Williams, Co-founder & CTO of Contrast Security, and Steve Wilson, CPO, join the Dev Interrupted podcast to discuss the future of application security (AppSec), the importance of security automation and why the traditional way of doing security - where you scan app after app a few times a year - is over.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • By the numbers: the average application is attacked 13,000 times a month
  • And has over 35 vulnerabilities
  • The reasons AppSec should to be automated
  • How to reduce the cost of AppSec
  • Why shifting left doesn't result in more secure code

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cmcclannahan profile image

These guys are fun to listen to, and they're doing something pretty important. Great pod!

nobilitypnw profile image

This was surprisingly funny to listen to. Kudos!