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Liviu Lupei
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5 Projects You Can Build To Become a Better Web Developer

I'm Liviu, and I work as a Solutions Architect at Endtest.

Sometimes we end up working on the same boring component.

It's time to get creative and build 5 awesome projects to rediscover why we love Web Development.

1. A Video Chat Web Application with WebRTC

Video Chat Application WebRTC

You might have noticed plenty of applications with fantastic Video Chat and Screen Sharing capabilities surfacing in the last years:

Google Meet
Facebook Messenger

All of them have one thing in common.

They're using WebRTC.

WebRTC makes it easy to add real-time communication capabilities to your application that works on top of an open standard.

It supports video, voice, and generic data to be sent between peers, allowing developers to build voice- and video-communication solutions.

Here is a awesome tutorial.

And I would also recommend checking the WebRTC Samples from Github.

And if you want to quickly build automated tests for that web application, you can use Endtest.

The platform even provides streams for webcams and microphones.

2. A Secure Checkout with Stripe

Stripe Checkout

If you ever want to monetize your new video-calling app or some other product, you'll have to build a Checkout.

The easiest way to do that is to use Stripe.

You'll find plenty of details and examples in their Documentation section.

They even provide detailed instructions on how to test your Stripe Checkout before going live.

3. A blog with Gatsby and Netlify CMS

Gatsby Netlify

Gatsby is something that I wanted to try for a long time and this tutorial has been a blast.

All you need is a GitHub account and the Gatsby CLI installed

4. A complete CI/CD pipeline


Everyone is trying to be Agile these days.

Having an automated CI/CD pipeline will help you release updates faster and with more confidence.

Most components can communicate between them with API Requests and Webhook Notifications.

It shouldn't take you more than a day to figure out what are the missing pieces of the puzzle and connect all the components.

5. Automated cross-browser tests

cross-browser 2020

Having automated tests that check if your website is working on Safari and Internet Explorer is a good practice.

This is the browser market share in 2020:

browser marketshare

That chart clearly shows why testing only on Chrome and Firefox is a bad idea.

If you're planning to use Cypress, you're going to have a bad time, since it doesn't work with Safari, Internet Explorer and mobile browsers.

One option is to use Selenium, since it will work with all major browsers.

A modern alternative is to use a platform like Endtest, where you can set up tests in a few minutes and have them running on the cross-browser cloud grid.

It can also be integrated with any CI/CD system.

Red Bull, Lululemon and Netflix are some of the companies that are using it.

As you can see from my profile, I actually work there.

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matveyclark profile image
Matthew Clark

This is awesome, thank you! Im always stuck on ideas for side-projects that aren't basic CRUD apps. This list gave me some great inspiration to build something different πŸ‘Œ

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

You're welcome. Glad to hear this list inspired you.

russsaidwords profile image
Russ Edwards

Thanks for being honest about your job being at Endtest. It actually made me want to check it out more.

russsaidwords profile image
Russ Edwards

So I looked at the pricing - that is steep. But if I were using this for a business, it would be possibly worth it because testing like this is so important, and can be difficult to set up properly. I've seen Selenium used in the past, and I've used Puppeteer + Jest to set up end to end testing myself.

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

The Why Endtest? section explains why are we charging for a product like Endtest when there are open source options out there such as Selenium.

The main idea is that Endtest is a cloud platform, it includes a cross-browser cloud infrastructure that you can run your tests on, functionalities to access emails and SMS messages during your tests, an API and many other things.

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

Hi Russ, I'm glad to hear that.

haizstudio profile image
Haiz Studio

Liked it

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

I'm happy to hear that.

parkadzedev profile image
Michael Parkadze

Very thoughtful ideas indeed, thank you :)
Have you got any tips on building a complete CI/CD pipeline?

ganganison profile image

Liked it.🀩🀩

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

Nice! Glad to hear that you liked it.

tysonjouglet profile image
Tyson Jouglet

When not signed in, things look pretty funky in firefox dev.