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Visualize Swift Package and Xcode Project with graph

SwiftDeps is a MacOS application created to help you visualize your Swift Package or Xcode project as an interactive graph. It is well suited for building projects with a modular architecture. With such a visual graph, you can see the interdependencies between objects in your project or in a Swift package.

Visualize swift package with interactive graph

In addition, the application also helps you check for new updates for the Swift packages you are using.

check new update of swift package

Furthermore, Swiftdeps also identifies any issues in your
project such as circular dependencies, orphaned packages, etc.

detect issues in swift package

We'd really love to know if our product makes a good first impression on you. We highly value your input and would love to hear your thoughts on our application.

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Sergey Leschev

I completely agree with that SwiftDeps is an amazing MacOS application that allows developers to visualize their Swift Package or Xcode project as an interactive graph. It's an excellent tool for understanding the dependencies between various components and modules of a project, which can be extremely helpful in identifying potential issues and optimizing performance.