Complimenting developer communities with real-time discovery and assistance

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Myself and Arjun Attam have been working on a prototype that's built on top of Live Share, and would enable developers to dynamically discover and seek assistance from each other, based on their shared interests and existing communities (e.g. online forums, classrooms, hack-a-thons). In general, we're passionate about lowering the barrier of entry for getting real-time help (e.g. you're stumped on a bug, you'd like to get a sanity check on some code), and this is an exploration to address that.

Instead of me trying to explain it, the following video provides a basic overview of the experience we're trying to provide. If this seems even remotely interesting, I'd love to hear your thoughts and whether it could fit into any of your existing workflows/communities 👍

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I build developer tools and services at Microsoft (currently VS Online, Live Share, IntelliCode, and Playwright, previously CodePush, IE Dev Tools, Visual Studio, Azure).


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Really cool! Can you hypothesize any ways we could integrate with DEV? I've been really curious about integrations with LiveShare but have felt a mental block about the right way to do it.

Any ideas would be really fun to hash out!

CC @nickytonline I know this stuff is up your alley too. I finally feel like we have some bandwidth to be creative here.


Sounds awesome. I'm just on vacation, but when I get back this would definitely be something cool to collab on.


Are you in New Brunswick? I’ll be driving through NB on the way home later this week 😄

Yup. I'm in Saint Andrews at the moment. When are you passing through NB? Friday?

Quite possibly. We're driving through Maine tomorrow staying overnight there and probably NB on Friday. And it looks like St Andrews must not be too much of a detour depending on our route.

Yeah I was in New Hampshire then Maine before heading into NB. I'm leaving Friday though, so probably will be passing ships, but ping me anyways. The two Canadians will meet one day. 😉

Ah, well I have family in Montreal I’ve been really meaning to visit.