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Loftie Ellis
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3 Useful bookmarklets I use (almost) daily

Note: doesn't allow javascript in links, so to install these bookmarklets please go to

Bookmarklets are small javascript snippetes that you can use to perform simple tasks. Below are 3 simple bookmarklets that I find myself using regularly while browsing or doing web development.

1: SaneColor

Changes the font and background to readable colors

Often during browsing or reading articles I get to pages that I find really hard to read due to bad contrast or just hard to read colors. This bookmarklet changes the colors of the background and font to something readable, and works without having to reload the page.

2: jQuerify

Injects jQuery for usage in the console on any site

These days I dont use jQuery as often, but I still find myself wanting to quickly check some things out on a page using its syntax. This bookmarklet makes jQuery available on any page with the click of a button.

Based on a modified (to work on any site) version of this ancient post:

3: Make Editable

Makes any page editable from the browser

Often during designing it can be nice to simply edit content directly to see what it would look like. This bookmarklet simply sets contenteditable for the whole page.

This can even be useful on pages to remove annoying blinking/distracting elements for the session.

Do you have any other useful bookmarklets? Let me know in the comments :)

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Adrian Matei

I also use the following bookmarklets daily to save bookmarks and code snippets -