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Generate serverless HTML forms in an instant

As a developer, I like to have full control of the tools I use. I searched for a form generator that followed this criteria, but wasn't able to find one.

So I decided to build my own and share it with you - Super Easy Forms
With Super Easy Forms you can create 100% customizable HTML forms with serverless backends in an instant.

Super Easy Forms is open source and free. There are no limits to how it can be used. You can create an unlimited amount of forms, store unlimited form submission, register an unlimited amount of emails, easily export submissions from the database and ,best of all, you have full control of your data. All of this for free!

How it Works

Super Easy Forms is a simple CLI built with node js. It helps you register your email with AWS SES, automatically creates the necessary resources for you in AWS, and outputs a Bootstrap HTML form that's already connected to your API, ready to copy paste into your website.

Resources Created

  • A Dynamodb table with your desired fields.
  • A lambda function that will send an email to your registered address and add the entry to the database.
  • A REST API endpoint for the lambda function with a POST method.
  • The Form
  • Responsive bootsrap 4 layout
  • Automatic form fields with labels
  • JQuery CDN
  • JQuery handler connected to your API endpoint

Customize your Form

The CLI outputs an html file with your ready-to-use form preset with default bootstrap classes and an inline JQuery handler.

You can add custom CSS, modify the HTML layout of the form and adapt it to your project however you like.

If you need inspiration you can check out this collection of bootstrap html contact forms in codepen.

Whats Included with AWS in Super Easy Forms?

You need to have an AWS account to be able to use Super Easy Forms. In the near future we are going to solve our vendor-lock in but for now AWS is a pretty good start.

Super Easy Forms uses the following services from AWS:

SES Simple Email Service. 1,000 emails/month for free then $.10 for every 1,000 emails received.
DynamoDB Fully managed NoSQL database. 25GB of storage free for always.
Lambda Lets you run code without managing servers. 1M requests/month free always. Then $.20 per 1M requests.
API Gateway API management solution. 1M REST API requests/month for 12months then $3.50/1M requests.
S3 Bucket Object storage for your file submissions (Coming soon!). 5Gb free for 12 months then $0.023 for GB.

Want more info?


Super Easy Forms doesn't stop here. We have a bunch of features planned that will make it more easy and more Super!

Some of these include:

  • File submissions (images, videos, PDFs and more!)
  • Payment forms (integrations with leading solution providers)
  • Direct integration with the gmail API
  • Direct export of submissions to XLS and CSV
  • Optional Captcha (Spam protection)

We really appreciate your feedback. Please use Super Easy Forms, we are confident you will find it very useful!

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