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My Very First Post

lucaskelly113 profile image Lucas Kelly ・1 min read

Hi everyone! I have been programming now for about 6 months and I recently took some time away to prepare for camping season :). I'm ready to get back to it and have a friend inspiring me to start writing about my journey into tech. I figured, why not get my first post out there so I have a starting point to look back on. So here it is... My first post... My first intro. I now have my starting point.

Talk to you all soon!

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Andy Piper

Cool! Welcome to DEV!

What have you been working on, how did you get started?

lucaskelly113 profile image
Lucas Kelly Author

I got started last fall just by kind of searching for something to do. I was lucky enough to still be working all through covid, but was getting bored at home. Found free tutorials for Python and fell in love with it. Then my friend locally told me he has been programming the past 3 years and trying to get his first tech job and got me setup with the CoderDads slack channel he co-created. Within my first month of learning python I created a secret Santa app. You can see it at

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Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

That's good bro, you have started your path, but sorry I will be picky and tell you not use coding, instead change it programming

Bcz there is a difference between coding and programming,

lucaskelly113 profile image
Lucas Kelly Author

Thanks for the advice!