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How to Create Signin Buttons in Flutter

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Hi there, and welcome to my post about Flutter Package Testing. Each week I will test another package published under If you want to see the first post of this series head over to How to validate Emails in Flutter.

Flutter Signin Button

To create simple Sign-in Buttons for Social Media the package Flutter Sign-in Button is a good choice. You often see them when youre on a login page and there is also an option to sign in with your social media account like Facebook or Twitter. The package also supports mini Buttons. These can be used when you want to display a share button for several social media platforms at once.

The purpose

The purpose of this package is very clear: You can use them any time when you want a user to connect to a social media platform. It doesnt care if he wants to sign in with his account, share a post or visit an authors social media account. For these and more reasons the package gives a clear and recognizable look for the supported social media platforms.

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Package Scope, An Example, Limitations, Installation, Score, Rating and more

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Pablo Discobar

Cool tutorials, short and to the point! I read your other article, you're really cool!
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