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Merging Branches with Git

Welcome to my blog post about merging multiple features with my personal project! This time around I will be talking about the two new features I added to the Octo project. The two new features I added are:

And I also fixed this issue:

Dealing With The Merges

To start, I started to create three separate branches for each individual issue to work on. I found working like this allows me to isolate issues and focus on what I need to work on for each issue. I added support for the horizontal rule in Markdown and support to change the language attribute. Merging the branches was seamless since I organized the branches to issues. The only difficult part of adding these features was reviewing the merges and making sure I wouldn’t overwrite any important parts of the code.


In conclusion, I learned a lot about adding features and working with branches and issues. If I were to do this again I would want to organize the way I merge branches in a way that causes less conflicts. If you want to find any of the merges and issues I fixed they will be down below. Don't forget that hacktoberfest has started! Sign up at the link I provided and join the fun! Thank you for reading and do not forget to contribute to open source!

Links to issues and pull requests

Add support for a horizontal rule in Markdown
Support for language attribute
Don't both with @author annotations in comments

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