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Take a few minutes for yourself

Are you in those days when you've slept very little because you've stayed up late coding? Or maybe you have days or weeks that you haven't seen your friends? Or you're just on autopilot. Whatever your case, stop, stop for a moment, breathe and put your ideas in order before going on.

We all have very different goals in life, but if we are on this platform is because we have this in common and sometimes it tends to consume us, sometimes we get to a point where we lose the course and we forget why the goal is.

Take a few minutes a day each morning for yourself, clear your mind and then ask yourself the necessary questions to know your goals in life, evaluate if the choices you are taking are the right one for you, and if it is not the case don't be afraid to go back and change course.

You are capable of achieving everything you set out to achieve as long as it is what you want because, in the long run, it's what's going to make you happy and that what really matters.

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day, coders💜

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

Great article, Lesly!

This is the reason why I had to find an awesome task manager like Notion. I always get overwhelmed with anything and forget on my tasks at hand. I use notion as a CRM, for todo lists, for my meetings, events, to save links of my resources and for my freelance contracts :D

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