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Organizing Time to Learn

lynnecodes profile image Lynne ・3 min read

Hello Friends,

My first learning week has gone by so fast! At one point I thought my brain was going to explode tags and variables all over my computer. I don't think I would have lasted if I didn't schedule out some time to dedicate to myself.

I like to stay organized and I have to say, scheduling really helped me through this first week. If anyone is curious how I blocked out my day, here it is.

Alt Text

According to this calendar, it says that I should be dedicating 28 hours to learning code and two hours to social media. Then I have my "me time" to get myself pumped then dolled up for the day. I'm sure you've probably noticed that I have "Work" on there as well. But why Lynne? I thought you said you quit your job? I know, I know. I did, or at least I tried. My company asked me to stay on to help train the program's faculty on back-end responsibilities. Wanting the majority of my time dedicated to coding, I agreed to 10 hours a week.

Of course my time is flexible with social media floating between tutorials and coding games before bedtime, but this breakdown gives me a sense of daily accomplishment and helps me find out what I'm spending more time on and what I'm breezing through.

I had already completed the Responsive Web Design Certification on last month and I felt good. I felt like I understood what was going on and I liked it. Now, last week. Last week I started the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification. I don't know why, but my mind struggled to connect the dots--to really understand what I was doing. I just did it. I read the instructions and just figured out what to do, but struggled to understand why I did it. I ended up watching a couple of videos that helped me say out loud, "Omg! Really? That's it?!" and "Ohhh! That makes sense!" There were definitely many "ah-ha!" moments.

Last week I was also able to attend my first ever Live Stream on Twitch from @chrisoncode. That was a very cool experience to get a live tutorial on Hashnode. I've also started to read more blogs and look at dev portfolios. This really helped me feel great that I am a part of this wonderful community. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. It's also a great way to find inspiration. Some of you are doing great things!

Last Week's Accomplishments:

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification:
    • Basic Javascript
    • ES6
    • Regular Expressions

Check it out:

On my mind:

  • I'd love to see more dev portfolios. Please share if you have one!
  • Do you have a favorite JavaScript cheat sheet, video, or blog that really helped you? I would love to attack this language in as many ways I can.

Until next week!
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