What Dev / Tech Podcasts do you listen to?

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I've been following Dev.to for a while now; I've seen the podcasts that get posted here, people mentioning some good ones that they listen to and I really want to start listening to more myself, so... It got me wondering!

What podcasts do you all listen to? and do you have any good recommendations for newer devs like me?

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There's a whole list on dev.to/pod if you didn't know about the index view!



  • Developer Tea
  • SE Daily
  • Fragmented
  • SE Radio
  • Programming Throwdown

Serious Tech

  • Indie Hackers
  • The Cloud Cast
  • The Changelog

Philosophical/News Tech

  • All About Android
  • Daily Tech News Show
  • Tech's Message
  • Twit

Yeah, I'm kinda addicted to podcasts...wanna fight about it?


Kinda biased, but I think the best tech podcast out there is Friends Talk Frontend (P.S. I host it haha) 😉

For real though as a web dev, I enjoy:

  • Shop Talk Show
  • Front End Happy Hour
  • Codepen Radio
  • Style Guide Podcast
  • Design Matters

Mostly Fragmented & Android Backstage.
Fragmented has some great podcasts for non-android developers. The Effective Java episodes are really short and fun and recently they started a series for learning Kotlin.


I mainly listen to ones from spec.fm. Specifically, Design Details, Does Not Computer and Developer Tea. I also listen to Immutable, but it's topics range from code to woodworking depending on the day. But what is cool is that they always provide links to things that they are talking about in the show, so if you want to check out anything they are talking about, you get a chronological list of links to topics/tech that were covered

I also just watch the feed from dev.to and randomly catch ones that have interesting titles.


I listen to a lot of podcasts, many of them are already in last comments. So I'll add some more to the list!

Also I think none of these are in the dev.to/pod list. How is a feed supposed to be added?


Shop talk show is good if you're doing web development.


Greater than code has been my favorite this far! They have several episodes where they discuss getting started as a coder, developing your skills, etc.


Ohhh sounds good! I'll have to give that a listen soon

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