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12 Creative Animations to Make Your Projects Stand Out ✨💯

Creative animations are always attractive and can leave a professional impression. In this article, I have compiled some of my favorites to provide you with inspiration for your future projects.

For each animation, I will provide a direct link, an interactive preview so you can get an initial impression on the fly as well as the author links, so you can explore more of their work, too.

1. Netflix Intro Animation

By: Claudio Bonfati

2. Bongo Cat Codes

By: Caroline Artz

3. Merry Christmas Tree

By: Chris Gannon

4. A Long Way

By: al-ro

5. Matrix Digital Rain

By: yuanchuan

6. Floating Heart


7. Clip Clop Clippity Clop

by: Steve Gardner

8. Neon Love

By; al-ro

9. Animated CSS Seasons

By agathaco

10. Low Poly Animals

By: Mikael Ainalem

11. Saturn Hula Hooping

By: Jamie Coulter

12. Mouse-Based-Parallax Sunset

By: Adam Quinlan

Writing has always been my passion and it gives me pleasure to help and inspire people. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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Gustavo Scarpim

Nicee, this is very good!!

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Thanks a lot 👍💯

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Tanzil Islam

Awesome, loved it

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Beautiful, thanks 🤩

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