Do you agree on 'Your biggest supporter is a stranger'?

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Recently I read this article:

and came across a thoughtful comment:

'Your biggest supporter is a stranger' - how true that is!

I decided the topic might deserve to get extended a bit.

Many believe, that Rule number #1 is not to reveal your future plans to anyone, as they might want to secretly dismantle them by stalking you on your code-related online presence, creating a bad rep for you on your projects feedback, putting a pressure on you by irritating you in daily communication, etc..

Have you ever experienced someone from your closest network to stay in your way to success? If so, could you re-call some examples from real life and what were the reasons (you were aware of)? Jealously? Competition?

Ultimately, is it true, your biggest career opportunities came from complete strangers and your closest network wasn't involved to find them?

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Allow me to disagree :)

Opportunities come from everywhere. Being well connected and having a good reputation as a professional will open countless doors, and that starts with your close network.

Regarding jealously and competition, we are all humans. Your friends are not perfect, and neither you are, and yes. Sometimes when change happens is just the way people react.

Yet that's another opportunity for you to show who you truly are, to understand where those feelings come from, to realize they are human.

My biggest supporters? I was lucky; it was mom and dad. And from then, countless others.

Stay cool,


You just returned my hope in humanity xdd


I can definitely agree to a certain extent, when I started my peers and even people I would've considered as friends have mocked me countless times so I decided to go rather silent about my coding hobby. I'm not sure if it was jealousy but it definitely was something, back then strangers I met online seemed to care & support me more than those people, for sure. Close friends and family were always supportive, I'm very grateful for that.