How do you launch apps?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

I've seen different approaches on devs launching apps: from the use of terminal to built-in search in the Start menu or launching from the desktop icons / pinned stuff in the taskbar.

I'm on Windows and lately I've been using a tool called Keypirinha.

What are your methods of launching apps?


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I still use batch files. When I install a new program I create one or more batch files to launch it. Then I fiddle those batch files until I'm happy. And I use grep to search the batch files if I need to do a task I haven't used in a while. I always have at least two CMD sessions open and use shortcut keys alt F1 and alt F2 to swop between them.


Been using KeyPiranha for quite some time now. I have yet to find anything I like more, especially with it's customization and integration, such as being able to search files on your PC nearly instantly via the application "Everything". There is a lot you can do with it.


I was using win+r ... but I have to confess after reading this post I immediately migrated to Keypirinha.


Used keypirinha for a while, but was not satisfied. Went with Wox, very nice an smooth


Keypirinha is awesome. I use it non-stop.


Thanks for the tip! Keypirinha is a brazilian suggestive name, I believe.