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What bothers me about both LastPass and Keeper is that they offer to save to "my device", when really they rely on a browser cookie, installed on one browser at a time. I scrub cookies on multiple browsers daily, so it's useless to me- but I'm even more bothered how misleading the "save to the device" option is. Why do they assume all customers are so clueless?


I've used Dashlane for a few years and moved to 1Password.

The reason I moved was, basically the UX and the (WOW!) support I got from 1P when I needed it. By the time I switched, it was so easy to get 1P in all my devices, transfer all the information from one provider to the other.

Feature-wise I'm so satisfied with 1P that I've never thought of looking for something else. Pricing-wise, yup, at a first look, it seems that 1P is overpriced, but considering the immense value it brings to my day-to-day ops and the time it saves me, I believe it worth every penny. 😉


I have tried both LastPass and Bitwarden
I have switched to self hosted Bitwarden

The reason I switched is because,

  • I feel self hosted is better than storing on their servers.
  • The UI/UX seems to be better on Bitwarden
  • LastPass had prior Security Breaches

I was on Lastpass, but the price increases were just getting too much, so I switched to Bitwarden. The browser extension "feels" better than Lastpass's.

Back in the dark ages I used Keepass, but browser integration was a pain.


I started with keepass for almost 12 years, it is a great program and very versatile. The main reasons I eventually started looking for something else are: insufficient integration with Android (it was ok but not great) and web browsers (none), no cloud backup out of the box. I had high hopes for Lastpass and tried it for a couple of months, but its integration with Android was painful to use. When I tried 1password it was like a breath of fresh air. And I love how it makes it easy to find accounts with weak passwords, see password history, and many more. As with any type of application the details matter and it got the workflow right, and integrations are amazing.


I used Keepass early on but looked for something more convenient across platforms until I found LastPass. Since then I’ve kept tabs on competitors but have so far ended up staying a paying LastPass customer in order to have the mobile syncing. I might end up using the family account as more family members need to be online in #covidlife.


I used Keepass for a long time hosted in my Google drive but found that it's just not very convenient (autofilling etc). So after many disappointments of trying out LastPass (my least liked PM) and some others, I ended up settling on 1password. It has excellent device support across every platform I use and just integrated very well with everything. It is expensive but the convenience it provides is worth paying for imo.


KeePass with manual sync through OneDrive.
It can be a bit tedious to manage multiple clients but... No fees, no cloud (no extra cloud besides OneDrive that I already have), I'm satisfied for the moment


I use KeePass as well, with a USB drive that sits in my keyring containing the keyfile. A lovely piece of software.


I have had problems with that syncing is not instantaneous.

What KeePass client on mobile do you use? What about the desktop?


Windows : official keepass app
Linux / MacOS : KeePassXC
Android : KeePassDX

Syncing on Android is kind of automatic ssince the default file opened by KeePassDX is the OneDrive file directly

I also used

However, I have had problem with KeePassDX (which was in beta) for

  • Google Drive unreachable
  • Even if it is reachable, I cannot force sync

So, I moved to BitWarden, which although syncing is not instantaneous, I can always force sync.

If you are using a beta version KeePassDX app, it is an outdated one. It's normal that it doesn't work well with Google Drive. I recommend just updating it. Linked to github.com/Kunzisoft/KeePassDX/iss...

The merge of data for saving from two places at the same time is still to be studied but will happen soon. ;)


I'm currently using the Rust implementation of Bitwarden : bitwarden-rs on my own server.

I also have 2FA everywhere with a Ubikey and recovery codes printed in plain text in hidden place @home


1Password has been my main squeeze. Syncing new devices with QR or iCloud is heaven. Having everything generated with their own 2FA, watchtower, etc. I can't live without this platform.

It's not even just the main 1Password itself but 1Password X. Autofilling both username/password AND the 2FA code saves so much time. I trust their encryption and transparency for security as well. I feel like they're more socially attached to developers than their competitors. Oh, UI, can't forget UI.


I totally agree, I'm also using 1Password (paid version) and it's totally worth it


I've used 1Password for many years, and are very happy with it.
What made you settle on Bitwarden?


Mainly due to it being open source and the active community support that comes with it :) Also I like the UI the best, it's pretty clean and intuitive! :)


Sounds nice, I'm interested!
Can you tell more about the community, what does it bring?
And does it have nice shortcuts to paste passwords into apps, browsers?

Their open source is a great starting point to explore the community involved, planned features, PRs, etc.. When it comes to settings, Bitwarden is pretty customizable, for example, you can unlock the vault with PIN, use 2-step login, manage passwords across folders, etc..


Currently, BitWarden.

It has the feature I wanted -- passphrase; which focuses on lengthy and readable passwords, rather than symbols and randomness of characters.

Passphrase generator

Actually, KeePassXC also has this passphrase generator as well.

Another feature I need, is reliable syncing. BitWarden also satisfied that.

Even though BitWarden clients on all platforms are open source, I have never gone as far as modding them, though.


+1 for bitawarden. been with 1password for over 10 years but switched to bitawarden due to lower cost. if you don't require totp code generation, cost can be zero. have to admit though, BW is not as polished as 1P, but it seems to be improving slowly but surely.


With all the others I felt insecure the price plans could change at any moment and I would need to start to pay for the features I was using for free :)


KeePass XC, and I wouldn't use any other one. It is dead-simple, has browser and desktop integration, ssh-agent integration, and OpenDesktop Secret Service. And I use KeeShare to have shared password folders with my coworkers.


I am seriously considering just writing my own app for it. It should be simple enough. Now if I can just program a mirror so I can see others looking over my shoulder lol.


I did consider that as well, but I worried about,

  • Security in transferring from server to the UI / web.
  • Security in storing on the server.
  • Security on the UI layer (web browser) itself.

Therefore, it can easily be a dangerous idea.


Definitely. If you know how to secure your data though, it can be as safe as it can possibly be.

No data anywhere ultimately is "safe" no matter how encrypted and safeguarded. There will always be someone who knows more than me who can decrypt it if they really really want to. Any passwords that I have would be for my own data and thankfully none of my data is critical to security of others. For example, if someone gets my bank data, I just call the bank and let them know and we get it sorted out. I don't lose anything and the bank is the one on the hook.

For example, any kind of passwords or data that I have that is important to the company I work for, I let them manage it and take the risks for that. Ultimately, there is no such thing as 100% safe or anything else.


I have been using macOS since 09 so I used Keychain access but I also use Firefox so at the moment I am just using the Firefox Lockwise.


Bitwarden - free, opensource, gets the job done


I have been using the free version of bitwarden for a year it's all I searched for, one day I'm going to pay the pro version which by the way it's not expensive.


I'm using LastPass and I really love it :) I don't have to remember passwords. I don't even know passwords. I just click fill button :)


Pencil and paper, actually, for a complete list. For daily usage on my desktop computer, I just trust Vivaldi's password management.


I'm in love with Bitwardy which is just perfect for me. But I recently heard about LessPass who could be the next big thing... I'm not sure, but I will give it a try someday ✌️


what about google passwords ?


I've been using LastPass for 3 years already. Everything I need is there.


I use LastPass it just works and does what I need it to do. Its free and they have apps as well. If cost was not an issue I might have gone with 1Password they always seem to get high praise.


I'm using PassWork.

It's very comfortable to manage passwords in cloud and have an ability to share some passwords to anyone. And it's safe couse PassWork uses strong encryption.


Which provides greatest privacy and security!?


I'm in love with Lastpass, probably this is the fourth year with them.
I love it because i can store all my password and it help me with auto complete and NOTHING random ads for upgrade my plane.


I use RoboForm and I'm satisfied.