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Postman vs Insomnia: which API testing tool do you use?

API testing is a crucial part of web development, allowing us to pass a specific set of data (or not) to application and making sure the expected response is returned, without using fancy UIs.

Currently I'm using Postman for this purpose, tho I've seen more and more people using Insomnia lately.

Which API testing tool do you prefer and why?

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Liyas Thomas • Edited

If you're looking for an online tool, checkout:, formerly Postwoman.

  • Used by 300k+ developers
  • 23k+ GitHub stars
  • 3,000+ daily users

We ❤️ open source:

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I used postman before but was in need of a GUI that handles websockets as well and postwoman definitely saved the day.

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Martin Häusler

Insomnia all the way. Performance is quite good, I handle bulky JSONs in my daily work and Insomnia never breaks a sweat. UI/UX is decent too. Saved requests are managed nicely as well. Overall I've got no complaints with it and I see no reason to switch to another tool.

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On my laptop, I use Insomnia for local dev but for distributed team and easy sharing, I prefer a self-hosted Postwoman

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Chad Adams • Edited

I use Insomnia because personally I like the UI better. Also if I needed to pay for it, it’s a lot cheaper than Postman. I can also do everything in Insomnia that I can do in Postman.

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I use Insomnia in a daily basis. I prefer its simplicity when it comes to import (copy/paste) CURL requests. But I also recognize that Postman is a great tool, slightly more advanced.
Also, REST Client extension in VS Code saves my day when I have to store my API calls for later.

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Aleksandr Ukhanov

If you have a PC, try NativeRest. This is a 100% native REST API client without Electron for Windows. It starts fast, uses 100 times less RAM than Postman and less load CPU.

  • Working in offline mode
  • Unlimited local workspaces
  • Full-featured portable version
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Thanks a lot for sharing, mate! 👍💯

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You can also try ApiScout. It is currently in open beta phase. ApiScout is realy fast and performant tool for testing Rest APIs. It may have not so many features as Postman at the moment, but they are comming.

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Thanks for sharing ✨👍💯

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Avi Cohen

I would recommend and open source also available on GitHub

A simple-yet-powerful API traffic viewer for Kubernetes enabling you to view all API communication between microservices to help your debug and troubleshoot regressions.

Think TCPDump and Wireshark re-invented for Kubernetes.

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Thanks for the input 🙏❤

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Raymond Ottun

I recently switched to insomnia because of the graphql support, though I still find both app quite difficult to use.

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Itachi Uchiha

Which API testing tool do you prefer?

I use Insomnia. I like it. But almost all the examples prepared with Postman on the web.


You may know that the Postman was a browser extension for a while. It always wanted to upgrade. I hated that. I removed it and I installed Insomnia.

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I use Insomnia. Postman was great for along time but I feel the UI is more simple in Insomnia now. Postman felt bloated.

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴 • Edited

I use Postman and have used both. I kept using the first because it has request examples and documentation web page out of requests and examples.

All of these in the free tier (haven't needed yet upgrading)

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Hi, I am trying to use Insomnia for one of my project. I was previously using Postman and for authentication - I was using option "Inherit from Parent" in Postman (Basically, both auth_token and auth_secret were mentioned as environment variables). Now, I am not sure how to use auth while using Insomnia. I tried it by defining as env variables in Insomnia too but it shows me "Unauthorized" error. Could someone guide me here? Thanks

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There's a default header plugin. If your token/secret is static, you can set it from there; If token come from another request, you can call the request from default header; If you have multiple providers, you can use another plugin to save token into a variable, then set authorization header to the variable.

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Kelvin Mai

I switched to insomnia for performance reasons

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Since I switched to Insomnia – it was like a breath of fresh air. But I still dreaming about native app instead Electron.