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Yes, I have my waifu(it is a VS Code extension). It is such a pitty that she only talks Chinese. I am planning to put some Spanish messages in there.
VS Code environment screenshot


What does your waifu do? Interesting extension!


It follows your mouse with its eyes. When you start VS Code send messages when hover or click over it send messages. it has multiple animations. There are different characters to chose from.

You can give it a try. It's free: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...

I need to give it a try, I guess 😎


It's cool and all, but damn it's hard to get rid of, had to re-install vscode to get rid of the corrupted version error, and to stop my machine's fans from going haywire.


waifu extension is a must!


Actually I spend some time to make vim also have a waifu also but it's a picture not moving.
Thanks for motivation

how do you display picture in vim?

the theme override background


Reading the readme, to uninstall, you need to disable the extension first, then you can uninstall to prevent issues.


Lol, this is way to cool! Do you know of any other such extensions that have a char like this? Or is this the only one?


I haven't found another similar extension. However, it seems that they are using a very standardized format for the animation in a way that you can use any character using that format. I did a fork of the project in Github and it is not difficult at all. Very easy anyone can create a language variation with different characters.


Here's my current simple setup:

  • "Popping and Locking" theme
  • Pomodore Timer (look down to left)
  • Intellisense for CSS class names in HTML
  • Insert numbers

Looks like many of who have already commented prefers darker themes!
Haha I love it, easier for eyes!


Hi Sanjiv, which extension are you using on your vs code


Hey, I am using just the ones I mentioned above. Nothing else, I promise!


I've tried a couple of light themes as well, switched back immediately πŸ˜‚
In general dark themes give me better contrast and are easier to work with for longer periods of time πŸ˜‰


Yeah I feel you ! Thankfully we live such time when it's possible to have almost anything with darker theme! πŸ˜‚


That SeaGreen looks nice on #1C252E for sure 🀩


Heh very similar look and feel!

  • Dark+ theme (default dark)
  • Fira Code with ligatures
  • the highlighting at the start of the line, forgot what it's called

Can you share how you got the purple line the runs from line 6-23? That looks really helpful.



I'm using Bracket Pair Colorizer. They have v2 as well.
See which one do you like best πŸ˜‰


same, i use default Dark+ theme as well with material icon theme. Other extensions are based on language and project.


😍😍😍I love Shades of purple, is my second theme after Night owl.


Yeah it’s beautiful. Night Owl was my main for a long time I decided to try something different.


+1 for the 4 spaces indentation


Material icons look so nice on that setup 🀩


πŸ‘‹Nice setup, here's mine:


  • Night Owl theme.
  • VSCode icons.
  • Consolas font.
  • Rainbow Brackets.
  • Git Bash terminal.

Night owl is awesome too πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
I guess I'm still too much of an Atom fan to fade away from One Dark Pro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


"Panda Syntax" theme
"CaskaydiaCove Nerd Font Mono"
CaskaydiaCove font for the UI


That's a nice font 🀩


Theme: Ayu Mirage
File Icons: File Icons
Font Family: Fira Code
Plus a little bit of custom CSS to hide the left and bottom toolbars.



Ayu Mirage keeping it basic, strictly avoids of reds πŸ˜‚


Yup πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I actually love the simplicity, it's like right in the middle between flashiness that could be hard for the eyes and no highlighting at all that could be bad for readability πŸ˜‰ Good find! πŸ‘


Theme: Tokyo-Night

  • Docker
  • ESLint
  • Java Extension Pack
  • LaTeX Workshop
  • PHP Intelephense
  • Prettier
  • Project Manager
  • Python
  • Vim
  • and some others



Today I launched a free Visual Studio Code theme called GitHub Dark Turbo. It's a fork of the official GitHub Dark theme, with some workbench goodies to help users focus. The sample images show Ruby on Rails source code. Enjoy =)



Currently my vs code setup :

  • Mayukai Theme .
  • Iosevka Mayukai Font.
  • Material Theme Icon.
  • And for Terminal, using xfce terminal with Zsh/Ohmyzsh with starship theme.



I made my own gray color theme from scratch to avoid headaches I got from traditional dark and light-colored themes. It also has custom icons.

Theme Screenshot


Thanks I use vim , but I like the scheme.

  • My own "Stark Industries" Theme
  • SF Mono font (extracted from Terminal.app :D )
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer and some other Quality of Life extensions
  • Firebase & MongoDB Explorer



Theme: Horizon
Font: JetBrains Mono
Extensions: Bracket Pair Colorizer 2, Indent Block Highlighting

VSCode setup


Theme: DA UI from ST3 (author deleted the public repo when he switched over to VS Code, luckily I had it locally on another machine) I kinda ported over to VS Code
VS Code


Clean 🀩 I like how there is no background transition between folder tree and an actual coding space πŸ‘


Here is mine setup:
- Tokyo Night Theme
- Operator Mono font
- Custom terminal color scheme


Bright and sharp πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
How is it for the eyes for longer periods of coding, tho? πŸ€”


Precisely because of the bright colors, I use a monochrome theme for the terminal (the font is smaller) so my eyes can rest and there is a color balance. I coding for 9 hours a day. So I can say with confidence that with such a color theme, my eyes do not get tired.


I'm using the Powershell ISE Theme with a few custom colors, VS Code Icons, Jetbrains Mono font, and Powershell 7 as my terminal since most of my work is in that language. I've tried black backgrounds but I've found that I like greys more.

VS Code Setup


My setup is focused on Java/Scala development. I use Material Theme, Hasklig font, Fish Shell with Starship to configure the prompt.

Screen shot


font monospace 400



My current setup is:

  • Palenight Italic Theme
  • Dank Mono with ligatures Font
  • Indent Rainbow
  • Prettier


Folder tree on the right? πŸ‘€
Interesting take, I guess it all falls down to individual taste anyways πŸ‘


I used to have it on the left for ages then one day I just decided to swap it and never looked back!


I love VSCode for what it is, how it works and that it 100% free

But I am too addicted to JetBrains IDE :(


Material Community Theme (High Contrast), Material Icons and fish terminal (the autocomplete is amazing)


I'm using Omni theme, ZSH terminal, FiraCode Font, Material-icons.


Theme omni
Bracket pair colorizer 2
Material icon theme

  • Dobri Next -A01- Dark Theme
  • Material Icons
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer

VS Code


Here is my VSCode setup looks like this
The difference is that this is not VSCode



Here is my VSCode setup looks like this
The difference is that this is not VSCode



Sorry I can't supply with screen I just closed my machine but I'm using Eva dark theme, Vs code icons, hack nerd font,zsh terminal on Linux


Why would anyone choose VS Code (the limited development environment) when you have Visual Studio 2019 (a very powerful development environment)
It is like having the option to choose between basic car with almost no internals vs the latest Mercedes SUV fully loaded, and choose the basic car? I never understood that.


That is not a super fair comparison. VS Code is completely free, no paid version for Professional or Enterprise use.

Its like one is a Toyota, but its free, and the other is a Mercedes but you gotta pay for it, lots of people would opt for the free version that does 80% of the paid.


If it is just the free part then it is ok, but I see it used more by people in large companies because it is β€œbetter”, and I see people spend days configuring, reconfiguring, adding extensions, etc, for stuff that is already there in VS 2019

And all that time is paid time, 70$ to 100$ an hour per person (internal cost), put a week for configurations per project, and this is around 20,000$ or more lost for a team of 7 people, 4 of them developers.

Sometimes the full thing cost is cheaper than the salary / time spent

I have a C++/C# programming background I have experience in Visual Studio. In my opinion, Visual Studio is an overkill option for web development, it is unnecessary heavy for download, then you open the program and you start to see a lot of options that in my opinion doesn't make sense like debugging tools, debugging!? what JS or node JS? Which browser ? Which framework?

The difference is that web development is evolving very fast, all years we have new tools and I don't want to depend on Microsoft to integrate these new innovations. I prefer to trust the community that's why web developers tweak our IDEs/Editors. All this for free.

About the waster of time doing configurations. You can save your configuration once and share it among multiple users.


So, installing a small editor VScode, then installing 10 to 50 extensions with thousands of files, then running projects with node_modules with tens of thousands of repeatable files is called β€œlight” and VS 2019 which also have tons of files is called β€œbloated”? excellent logic!

VS Code starts faster, VS 2019 starts slower that is correct, but bloated? It should apply to both of them :-)

Installing 10 to 50 extensions at least give you the option to hand-pick what you actually is going to use (and even disable what doesn't serve you). Visual Studio is like having 100 extensions "installed" and enabled out-of-the box.

vscode can become bloated, that's true.
Visual Studio is bloated.

Maybe I am just reaching 50’s and getting older and stuck with what I know :-) but your replay is helping me understand how the market thinks today.

Performance is important, the more performant an app is the lighter it appears, if you look at the website we are using right now dev.to/ I did inspect element and I can see the site is loading and preparing the articles while you are scrolling, regardless if you will read them or now, this makes it feel extremely light and responsive, but in reality it is loading more content (small content) but still.

I am getting now why people describe VS 2019 as bloated, it is not written in a way to appear more performant, that is true, I suffered with that a lot, but now stopped noticing it due to this: