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What domain extension do you use for portfolio?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Lately I've seen many, such as .dev, .tech, .me, .io, .info and .com. Which one do you use for your portfolio?

Or do you use free subdomains like yoursite.github.io or yoursite.netlify.app?


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This is really cool. I love the dark theme and the menu.


Thanks 😁😁


Congrats, super cool


Uh... Nice one


Wow nice portfolioπŸ‘


I've come across this sometime before, good job πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


I love the menu... very nice design


This is super cool i loved this❀️❀️


Thanks alot πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜


I use .dev for my blog because of below reasons

  • only https:// sites allowed(Most important one)
  • Signifies that you are related to technology
  • Its still a new extension, so you can get good domain names
  • Not as expensive as some .com ones for the same name
  • Maybe its just me but I like 3 or less characters in extension
  • Somehow I believe most .dev sites are authentic. Not much phishing or spam(Could be wrong here).

Just started bitsondata.dev for my data engineering blog.


Just read your article about benchmarketting. Sounds true but just follow up thought on it. Isn't it true for all kinds of marketing. Every one tends to exaggerate their performance. Maybe because it has been accepted as a culture. And since everybody knows this, we also subconsciously tone down the amount by ourselves.

BTW one observation about your site - Firefox reports that this page on your site is insecure even though all network requests are https://. Not sure why is it reporting like this. Chrome doesn't say so. Will let you know if I find something.

Isn't it true for all kinds of marketing. Every one tends to exaggerate their performance.

Yes that is exactly what I’m saying in this post.

And since everybody knows this, we also subconsciously tone down the amount by ourselves.

And here is the problem I’m pointing out. While, to some maybe it’s obvious to disregard our give lower weight to these schemes, there’s still a subconscious element of this marketing that weighs in on the aggregate of decision makers minds. So you can’t just assume that’s everyone knows.

This was a call to action for companies to instead run the benchmarks themselves. So if you see clams like this you not only verify and reproduce those claims yourself but you could also verify your own data and use cases.

That is what I was trying to get across.


"Clean Code Defender" I like that. I'm excited to hear more from you


ohhh yesss!! Clean Code always!!!


I'm currently using this.
I'm looking to revamp this soon and probably get a custom .dev extension


I liked the design, is very nice and it really shows who you are!


Thanks. I'm looking to revamp It soon with react. I have even more interesting projects that I'll add.


I love the color theme


Really cool, loved the dark theme and the colour contrasts 😁


Thank you😍😍



I use .design i love it πŸ˜›


smooth animations.


Hello, recently I went to .com. I think it's more professional than .github.io or .netlify.app (the best two services for free static hosting indeed), and also it is easier to remember (as .com is the most common extension) and maybe gets more shares through recruiters chats (if someone can confirm this? 😁).

Here's mine: radubulai.com


Not a portfolio really (yet), but I’m using jvarness.blog as my domain.

I mainly wanted it to be a place where I could host a blog, so I felt like it was an appropriate domain.



I toyed with .com, .co.uk and .dev when I was looking but settled on .com more for familiarity sake I think. It's such a staple in everyday life it just felt right. That's not to say I won't ever use .dev, I love the link. I also enjoy clever use of country codes (e.g. co.de)...not sure if they're a good idea though.


Your portfolio is one of my favorites.


Thank you ☺️


I used .xyz domain as it is cheaper
At the beginning i thought that this domain will not be indexed by google. But after doing some SEO, this domain is too indexed. To see this you can search rahulmanojcet in google.


I use winstonpuckett.com. Whenever I talk to "normal" people, they like .com names for some reason, so I decided to do standard. Plus I'm planning to move my other sites like neoplumes.com to neoplumes.winstonpuckett.com... I'm still not sure I made the right choice. I love unique TLDs


I was using .me for my portfolios (screenname and real name are different). I moved to .dev when that became available for normal people to buy.

So I have itsasine.dev (that I should probably do more with) and lastname.dev so I can redirect that to kayla.lastname.dev and have the email address kayla@lastname.dev.


app for β€œapplication”: guess-css.app


Not moved to a domain yet but it's gonna be .xyz because I also blog about non-technical topics.


I use *.cc, because of cheap price (polv.cc).

It used to be *.dev, though (polvcode.dev -- should be already dead now).


I opted for something fun and memorable with henryneeds.coffee


I prefer .dev or .me
But .dev is more High ClassπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


I use an .io for my folio


Using the .me because the owner of the .com alternative wants 20k for it πŸ˜…



I don’t really think it matters!!!
Do what makes you stick out from the crowd.


I use .com it seems to be the global accepted standard. All the other ones are cool if you are a programming geek like everyone here. The average person or client has no idea what it means πŸ˜‚


I use a .me extension currently but I plan to switch to .dev with my next iteration


I just use .co.uk! I don't think it matters, but have found that some people aren't used to the newer domain endings yet.
mctweb.co.uk short and easy to remember.


I am using vercel, since I've created mine through next js.