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What's the best VPN service?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the smartest ways to protect your online privacy and maintain your data security.

What VPN services would you recommend that are easy to use, fast and affordable?

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Azeez ibrahim

As for me I setup my own VPN server on my AWS account running openVPN as the base software, I have found it to be very very reliable more so than other premium VPN used in the past, If I get enough people interested I will make a tutorial on how to setup your own VPN server as my first youtube video and share the link of course.

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rust-7 • Edited

ProtonVPN if you want something safe, something that doesn't keep your logs.
Otherwise you can also create your own (never done) but there are plenty of tutorials

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Liptan Biswas • Edited

Your question inspired me to write an article on how secure using VPN is. Some may think using VPN will solve all their privacy and security concerns.

Read more here.

I am discussing if using VPN will really solve the privacy issues. Also, I talk about some of my concerns of using public VPN. Do read that sections titled "Security concerns when using VPN".

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Sahil Arora

I have been using Mullvad VPN for past two months.
1) Its Cheaper
2) Completely Anonymous (You don't need to create an account.)
3) Supports Wireguard.
4) Almost negligible speed loss.
1) Have to refresh wireguard keys (limits to 5).
2) App is still a little wonky.

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Andrew Smith • Edited

I would like to see this video as well, that would be very interesting for me, because I am working a lot with vpn but I never knew how it works in a more detailed way. So it is a good opportunity for me to understand at least a little part of it. Also, it would be a very good idea to start making reviews on different VPN providers. So if there would be somebody so search for a vpn, you will be the man who will help them. You can check and see the list of good VPNs.

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Vishal Raj

I got my hands on, on Express VPN. Since I am residing in UAE (where most of the VPNs are blocked), it seems a good choice. With basic version I can have it on upto 5 devices. Alternatively I can put it my router also. Servers worldwide and superfast connectivity. So I vote for ExpressVPN

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Jody White

I got an email this past week about Mozilla VPN. Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts?

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David Ojesekhoba

I subscribed to it a week ago
For $5 per month and being allowed to pay monthly, it's a really good deal.
Their connection is pretty stable and I personally trust Mozilla more than I do other companies.

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Thanks! Didn't known that

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A VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the smartest ways to protect your online privacy and maintain your data security.

IMO this is controversial. VPN providers for sure are under more scrutiny than residential providers. The majority of websites is using HTTPS. What is your threat model?

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Ben Sinclair

From the big public ones like PIA, Nord and Express, I'd go with PIA. It works well, including using openVPN, is reasonably priced and doesn't spend all its money on advertising.
Express and Nord spend huge amounts on ads, meaning that less of your subscription is going into actually making a good service. Express pays "influencers" to shill for it and Nord constantly has clickbait "1/3 off if you act in the next hour" type ads. They're all pretty evil in that respect, so I don't have confidence that any will be particularly honest in the course of their usual operations.

That said, I've had reasonable experiences with any of them.
Nord takes longer to start up for me, but once going allows me to switch geographic location faster. That's useful for testing geolocated feeds and so on, particularly on mobile.

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syentix • Edited

I've been using Private Internet Access :)
It's got me covered with servers all around the globe, a ton of configurations.
Uses OpenVPN and Wireguard. When using a refferal link it's also decently priced, costs much less then all the hype brands.

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Alex Khismatulin

NordVPN was the best match to use on a device because it provides a good quality connection and an ability to select a country to connect from. But I had to switch to ExpressVPN when I decided to create a Wi-Fi network that connects through VPN on my router because NordVPN has deprecated L2TP protocol and OpenVPN configuration was not an option for me.

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Meghan (she/her)

a VPN is a waste of money for personal use. a voluntary MitM

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I use Opera Mini browser in laptop which by default has VPN connection. In android mobile I am using an app called SNAP VPN.

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  • I use touchvpn as a chrome extension most of the time!
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Mukesh Jat • Edited

Sentinel Lite I am using. It's free, de centralized and open source.

It also have 4.7 star rating which might be best among all.

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Fernando B πŸš€

I use vpn for bug bounty. Express is pretty good I use the $12 monthly subscription, easy to setup, easy to use, fast. Used free proton too, but was way too slow.