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What's the dev skill you mastered in a day?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

First ones that come to my mind would be Markdown and Emmet.
Increases my productivity and I use them every day.

What are some of your skills that were easy to pick up and then became a main part of your dev routine?


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React.js, I only learn selected topics such as the basic web component and lifecycles, looping, props, and states. Just enough for me to creating UI Templating to pleasing my client's frontend dev team.

I only spend time learning something that is valuable to me. And learning something for others, but not in full learning, usually, only the right amount.


C++ ... nah thats a joke :D

Yeah, i learn Markdown in one day. For me its not a Programming Language, its more like distinctive language.


I've known C++ for 8 years now, I've written 4 complex games in it, and I've taken 3 college courses utilizing it including Data Structs and Algorithms and I can still proudly say I have no idea what I'm doing in C++ 😂


Yeah, motivate me 🤣🤣🤣


Existential dread.


You must work in higher ed :D


Learning the basics of git, Github & Markdown made my workflow a lot smoother.

+ Not really a skill but CodeSandBox makes prototyping so much faster I felt I should mention it. I use it everyday to code simple features without having to setup an entirely new dev environment.


print('DID THAT WORK')

doesn't matter which language, use this to this day for debugging.


Same for me. The day I realized the power of this, I never looked back. Honestly it is so powerful, I never used another debugger.


agree! I wouln't say I never used another debugger since then, but it is indeed a great start before you go and dig down with any debugger, just to determine an area of the error.



Erhm, ok.. for real though, coming from C++, I was really amazed by what I can achieve with Python (in such a few lines of code!!!). Long story short, I was solving programming challenges for an Exam for a Uni course, then some colleagues where I've had my first internship suggested me Python to solve such challenges (HackerRank style). I've grabbed this tutorial series from Socratica, I've fully understood the syntax and then the next day I've tried solving the challenges... And I discovered that every idea that I had, it could be produced elegantly in Python code, and it just worked!

My 2 cents about this: If you've mastered any other programming language, I think it's easier (and really fast) to learn (at least at syntax level) another programming language, especially while solving programming challenges or while making a project in that new language (especially Python).


Blaming other developers for your misfortune.


lol, this made my day 😂😂


Among Us is just a game about standup meeting. :D


Like, at birth.


The IDE RStudio for the R language.
Learning the basics of RStudio made learning R less daunting. It was my Activation Energy, lol.

BUT I also agree with @cescquintero ! There is no silver bullet, all of the toughest goals were hard-won.


I mastered jekyll (which is a static site generator) with one night and build a website the next day morning.
Also i learned markdown in one day


Oh lord, clearly Emmet (don't know how I lived without him), Markdown and Git basics :)

p.d.: Idea for another post: "What's the development skill you have taken the longest to master?". You have to do it, Madza :P


Actually it was less than one day, but Mermaid allowed me to improve project documentation.


Mermaid? I shall check


lol i actually mastered how to google out errors and code problems in a day


Json, git basics, docker basics


I'd say MD and JSON. They're both extremely simple dev skills which you can easily master in under a half hour.


yeah, and JSON 😉👍


The concept of Kaizen. In everything I do I ask myself "what's the smallest improvement I can make to this process to make it better", and I often find something small.


From reading these replies, I sense that the general understanding of the gravitas inherent to the verb "to master" has been severely watered down in recent decades.


Googling for help.


gRPC. Quickstart in documentation clearly explained requires concepts with samples for unary, server streaming, client streaming and bi-directional streaming RPC.


googling stuff.


Madza, this may be offtopic, but do you actually post any content on dev.to besides posting in #discuss all the time?


I usually post expanded articles on tools and resources (see my pinned articles). Tbh, working on one right now 😉 I'm also into motivational stuff and it's always my pleasure to inspire people. 🧙‍♂️✨
I always thought the discussion format is the best way to learn. The creators of DEV has dedicated a unique #discuss tag for that reason here on DEV, with 10K+ posts already. The discuss tag is moderated by 5 experienced developers, if they will find the content to be inappropriate, they will change the tags or remove the post. 👮‍♂️
I always try to give my knowledge on the top of discussion topics, so others can get some info from the initial post too. Furthermore, browsing through comments there are lots of valuable sources on new tools, tips and suggestions, as many users have noted that they have learned a lot from my discussions. I see it as a two way communication and it's awesome to exchange the knowledge, meaning it's a win-win for all of us participating ❤💯