What social links should devs include in their resumes?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Including just an email might not be enough, as recruiters would like to take a deeper look of your online presence and developed projects.

There are quite many to choose from - Personal portfolio, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Behance, StackOverflow, Codepen, Codewars, LinkedIn, Medium, DEV.to and so on.

So, which ones did make it in your current resume?


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Ones that I do have:

  1. GitHub
  2. LinkedIn
  3. DEV.to
  4. Medium
  5. Twitter

Ones I should have:

  1. StackOverflow (I need to be more active before I promote this tbh)

I haven't heard of some of the others you've listed in your post. Down another social media rabbit hole I go 😂😂


That's a neat list right there! :)
As I've studied, StackOverflow profiles are quite popular among resumes!


Hey, any idea why that is? It seems kinda self-explanatory but also strange at the same time lol. It's just a questions & answers site, right?

Its more to do with your ability to answer questions. The higher it is, the more reputable you are (provided you are active on StackOverflow. I'm sure there are many skillful programmers around the world that don't contribute answers to StackOverflow)


What icon are you using for dev.to? Thanks.


Well, I haven't really had success with my résumé yet (only had an internship and recently graduated) but I'm trying to be a front-end Dev and I include:

  1. LinkedIn (just as a matter of course, link to my site is there)
  2. personal site (GitHub pages link)
  3. Codepen
  4. instagram (where I share my design-related & dev stuff)

I plan to add DEV.to, but after I at least make a post or something. And I wanna add a new Twitter acct but it refuses to let me create a new acct without a phone no, which is already used on another personal account...

My main goal is to lead to my site from which I can link to everything, eventually also YouTube n stuff hopefully :/

Tip: I also include a QR code to occupy some white space which links to my website, a tip I received which some interviewers have appreciated.


I have:

  • Portfolio website
  • GitHub
  • DEV.to
  • CodePen
  • Dribbble
  • LinkedIn

And depending on context also Twitter and Glitch.


I link to:

  • Portfolio website
  • GitHub
  • DEV
  • LinkedIn