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What social media accounts are worth it for developers in 2020?

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What social media accounts do you think is crucial for devs to have and manage in 2020 to have a great promotion base, find some valuable contacts and possibly get some job opportunities?

Or do you believe social media is a complete waste of time, massive distraction by all means and most important thing for success is a great portfolio with lots of practical projects?


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I quit social media 10years ago and it was a great choice for my well-being. I’ve only returned to Twitter and LinkedIn to try to get more exposure when it comes to finding my first tech job. I’d rather not have any accounts if I’m honest. For me it is a distraction and I have almost no free time as it is.
I’d rather spend every free second building.

I could see myself dropping all social media again if I get a job.


I’d rather spend every free second building.

This sounds a little dangerous... remember to take time off as well :)


Twitter (to find content from professionals with similar interests)
LinkedIn (to connect with people in your industry or similar industries)
Medium (to produce content and read insightful material from other users)
YouTube (lots of online courses here)
And Dev.to (see Twitter and LinkedIn and Medium)


People still use Medium? I just went to the website to see if anything had changed. I looked at one article and then at the top it said "You have 1 free story left this month. Upgrade for unlimited access." That paywall is destroying the readership there I would be cross posting there if not for it.


I hate Ads so I actually don't mind the paywall they put in. But, yeah, it'll obviously block a lot of potential readers from using the site.


Dev.to the ultimate


These are right on 🔥🔥


I use social media for social endeavors not development or hustling for the next gig. Sure, I'm connected to developers on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, but my use is to post cat pictures more than grind.


Twitter: It has a large developer community and its literally full of people tweeting developer related information daily. Many of them are top developers with thousands of followers its essential.

Reddit: Again the developer community is huge and there are large communities for almost all programming languages.

YouTube: Free courses for everything yet again another essential platform.


Can you give some best developers to follow in twitter


Thats a question that requires a whole blog post 😄 Honestly there are just too many to list in one message. I will just name 5.


It's very easy to find developers on twitter. If they have 10k plus followers then you know they are big players 😎

These are awesome! 😉


I made a list some time ago here 😉


I spend very little time in Social Media.

To get developer content, I use

  1. DEV
  2. Medium
  3. Reddit dev subreddits.
  4. Subscribe to blog newsletters
  5. YouTube
  6. Hackernews
  7. feedly.com is good to keep all the dev related websites in one place.

FB is no help for dev stuff.

Twitter will take your whole day refreshing. So I check it once every few days.
Mostly the good community in Reddit, DEV and Medium embeds tweets if any helpful.


Feedly is awesome, I remember using it way back 😉
Then they changed their pricing and limited the free tier... 🙁 Tho, it's still an awesome tool if you are ready to pay for it 😉


I think social media is more of an ad platform than information now a days. Sometimes even a manipulative platform.

  • Right now I use linkedin to be in touch with people whom I worked with or I know directly.
  • Not using any of the likes of Facebook, Insta etc.
  • Do use twitter (in read only mode) to receive first hand information but only from a very limited set of people.

Portfolio is always good to have but I won't say it as most important thing. Maybe a necessity for designers but for others I would consider it optional.


For developers LinkedIn is the one an only. Why? We get to learn where and how we want to steer our career.

👎 For Medium, it's a haven for non technical malcontents whose posts always pop up uninvited.


Using a lot of social media like Twitter, Dev, YouTube & some LinkedIn. But I have a browser extension that blocks them on a scheduled basis. This way I block productive time from the day when I don't use them at all. I intend to extend those blocking time frames in the future.


DevRant : A place where all antisocial people socialise


Hahah, imagine including that in a resume and the interviewer starts asking questions about it 😃😃

  • LinkedIn - For professionals.

Everything else is optional. Just use whatever you like and find useful.

  • Facebook - Some businesses get better results on Facebook using Facebook pages and whatnot. However, that doesn't mean that you need a good personal profile.
  • YouTube - For courses and content. Again, it doesn't mean you need a good personal account unless uploading videos is part of your personal branding / strategy.
  • Etc.

It's obvious that everyone has their own outlook towards this subject, but make sure that you know yourself. If you can't control your excessive usage of social media, you may need to work on your fundamental behaviors against obsessive habits. No need to restrict yourself with solid rules against it. As some people mentioned, you can use it for educational purposes, following the community (I highly recommend it.) or to let it all hang out for fun once in a while. Just chill out.


LinkedIn of course. It's the only one which is for professionals. If you are a photographer, cameraman or similar (arts speaking general) you'll go for Instagram, Behance and so, but for the rest of the world, LinkedIn is a must have


I like social media that dont have notifications to distract me. Kinda like Twtxt. I like hanging out there too coz i contribute at the code that runs it at github.com/jointwt/twtxt. I've learned a lot things about Go while contributing so far!


This type of discussion is really awsome. You are so great. Where do you get this awsome ideas


I listen to podcasts and read some blogs, most of the ideas just come when doing actual coding, tho 😉


I've heard dev.to is good one😅


youtube, github, medium, twitter, linkedin, basically social media that have great content for developers.


Twitter should be the "ONE" for me


Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Youtube.
But more in your account more distraction. Better to turn off the notifications.


I spend a lot of time on twitter and youtube, I think that's right