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How did I build a web app in a day and deployed


You came here because of the title, yes this the article about how I build a Django app in a weekend.
Any suggestion or feedback is highly welcome.
This is the website build in a day and gone to live with multiple iterations. At first, I thought it can be used to collect the anonymous message from friends but it can do more than that, this can be used to collect feedback from clients to improve the service, feedback for teachers and many more. Please command your suggestion.

The goal is to build a secret messaging app with Django, then I set a deadline to complete it within a day. I start to build and map the design of the APIs and tables, I did split the work into multiple parts like APIs, tables, Ui development at the first stage. And within 3 hours, I did complete the Apis level logics and the table schema.
Next thing is to build the frontend, in Django the frontend is built using Django templates. I'm not a frontend expert this is the part where I took some extra time, changing the UI multiple time and then I did build that too.

Then its time to deploy the code in EC2, django app is connected to the Nginx server. Check this article for reference django-nginx-gunicorn-virtualenv-supervisor, this the first time I ever try to deploy the django with Nginx. The project failed multiple times and did some late night work for more than two days and then finally deployed.

I learn a lot in this, its just a simple website but the learning I got in this is huge, listed some extra things below.
Breaking the parts

  • Apis
  • Database
  • Frontend
  • Content for page
  • SEO tags, OGP
  • Django sitemap
  • Deploying the app in EC2
  • Connecting Django app with the Nginx

Thanks for reading, please do check this and share it with your friends.

My secret link to message me, the sender will stay unknown.

Please leave your suggestion in command.

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That's a great example to show, that you should always set deadlines! With Django it's not really difficult to create complex apis and views. Just make yourself deadlines and you will finish your projects much faster!

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mohit vishwakarma

the idea is good but the UI is not so,if you improve the UI your app will look fantastic.